0 KILL VICTORY vs 43 KILL VICTORY in Fortnite (World Record)



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30 Replies to “0 KILL VICTORY vs 43 KILL VICTORY in Fortnite (World Record)”

  1. Ulva Viibezz says:

    Is it weird that I miss when wukong and raven were the two most try hard skins

  2. Nacho Cheez says:

    I got 37 kills in a team rumble mobile

  3. Kilo G says:

    I won with no kills on accident 😅

  4. Harry Ladd says:

    11:28 he headshoted her for 273 damage

  5. RoyalMinz says:

    What do you expect a strectched screen and double pump in season 4

  6. TXTSixFive says:

    El último men es mejor que Lokito y ninja juntos

  7. Where tf was that last guy hiding 😂

  8. iTemp Plays says:

    Why did you download and reupload over 3 minutes of my video without asking me? Leaving credit in the description does not give you the right to reupload someone else's content without permission.

  9. Making money for content you didn’t even make is not right

  10. Tripple Tapz says:

    Your such and idiot even the man himself realised what you've done

  11. Reaper says:

    Not even your gameplay you stupid fuck.

  12. Hiseaht says:

    This guy straight up stole this content from other youtubers including iTemp. Please report!

  13. Stealing bastard fuck you

  14. Euan BCFC says:

    You little thief, stealing people content and getting millions of views from it

  15. Nick Garlick says:

    Scam!!!! This isn't even his gameplay!

  16. Dude legit you stole itemplays' video and got money for it. What a great person.

  17. -;; says:

    (season 4) gets 999999 kills

  18. Headdi -_- says:

    46 kills from ghost kamo is the World Record

  19. Se aprovechan de los caramelitos eso si son noob de corazón😑😑

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