02 Hitman Absolution A Personal Contract All Challenges! Stealth Walkthrough Purist Difficulty DX11



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The first level: A Personal Contract including all challenges! Yes, you read it correct, learn how to unlock all challenges simply by watching this video.
Challenges covered:
Well Played
Modern Art
Well Suited
Evidence Collector Part 1 & 2
Extra Spice
Damn Good Coffee
Play It Again

This is the first real part of my Hitman Absolution walkthrough, since the first part was just movies, which can be found here:

Note: the movies that…

30 Replies to “02 Hitman Absolution A Personal Contract All Challenges! Stealth Walkthrough Purist Difficulty DX11”

  1. bender says:

    Congratulations! This is an amazing walkthough!
    It saddens me that nowadays blind playthroughs are misleadingly called walkthroughs and get a lot of views.
    You definitely deserved to have a lot more views considering the expertise you've showed in this series.

  2. Good walkthrough. Prenatual's is better though.

  3. wpsteer says:

    excellent walkthrough!

  4. wutdafeezy says:

    I think you can. I'm still trying to figure a way to get past the 4 agents at the end without killing them. So far, I've only managed to get them into the next room and killing 2 guys outside. Blech.

  5. wutdafeezy says:

    Hi guys, I just uploaded how to get suit only on purist. This is a cool video. Thank you @BladeRunnerBlues

  6. kk28262484 says:

    Is it possible to get silent assassin in this chapter?

  7. kk28262484 says:

    so the hardest difficulty does not show the life bar, detection, and instinct bar?

  8. Ragswolf says:

    omg I forgot I was subbed to you. You're by far my favorite lp'er (if you even want to called that) for stealth games ever since mgs4 😀 . Watching this whole walkthrough for sure.

  9. DrTheKay says:

    Btw very well structured video, i like you voice clip style, its funny and stylish, type more funny shit "heres the facker now" lol. Subscribed btw.

  10. DrTheKay says:

    Thats dumb though, it would have been more realistic if they thought the art crushing the guarss was an accident, its silly that they automatically assume someone shot it down. Then agaib, throw a brick at a wall and these guards will interrogate the wall for a good 5 mins

  11. Dodger127 says:

    blade did you play all the other hitman ganes on pc ?

  12. bantuatha says:

    are you gonna upload leon Chapter 4?

  13. My hat's off to you, Sir Blade. I was just about to go and see if you're doing a walkthrough of this game, since I'm having some difficulty, and indeed you do.
    Thanks for the help; when I need a good and informative in-depth walkthrough, you're my go-to guy.

  14. Corey Dare says:

    where the hell is the second piece of evidence:(?

  15. Sora17400 says:

    Keep it hard (Pause)

  16. GregoryJecht says:

    Waiting for more! 😛

  17. how u liking the game so far blade

  18. John V says:

    subscribed….keep coming up with ways to get a better score..i want to be best at contract mode

  19. John V says:

    good commentary and templates…best on YouTube so far

  20. XxgunsxX1 says:

    Keep doing it extra hard mode

  21. BrotherO4 says:

    everyone else plays on normal or expert, it be good for some purist mode time

  22. bigggggo says:

    was kinda looking forward to seeing you kill enemies in different and more creative ways. but will watch your vids no matter what.

  23. Antony Bee says:

    Only Hardcore!! FTW!!

  24. Bobby Madden says:

    I watch your videos for full stealth and hardcore difficulty mode missions! There are plenty of other players that publish videos on normal difficulty and featuring the new or more features of normal modes!

    My vote is that you upload videos with playthrough on the hardest difficulty!

  25. Glad to see you are doing a walkthrough of this masterpiece!

  26. walksonair says:

    hey blade! still subscribed to your channel since 2008! looking forward to you playing another one of my favorite franchises:D

  27. heat4yoass says:

    No, play it like you normally would. Hitman plays like a movie.

  28. Shadowslic3r says:

    personally, i would cut down the difficulty just so some more features can be explored and you aren't forced to use less fun methods to complete a mission. playing on the hardest difficulty is impressive, but i don't think it lends to good viewing to anyone who hasn't played the game before (like myself) and doesn't really know what to expect.

  29. play on hard blade
    it looks cleaner this way, like a movie

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