#1 FORTNITE TIP to be UNBEATABLE! Fortnite Ps4/Xbox BEST Tips and Tricks! (How to Win Fortnite)



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Fortnite Tips! Console Fortnite + Ps4/Xbox Tips and Tricks! How to win in Fortnite! Battle Royale Season 8! In this video I share Fortnite Tips to help you guys win as well how to build Faster in Fortnite! This Tip will make you UNBEATABLE and a Pro Player! I will be sharing some of my best tips in this video for Console Fortnite and as well as Ps4/Xbox and is also very effective for pc Fortnite! This Fortnite gameplay is in Season 9! Fortnite Ps4 Tips + Fortnite Xbox Tips that will teach…

41 Replies to “#1 FORTNITE TIP to be UNBEATABLE! Fortnite Ps4/Xbox BEST Tips and Tricks! (How to Win Fortnite)”

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  2. Captiancurd says:

    What's your Edit binds Can you please do a Vidio?

  3. ToPaPe TV says:

    How do you like season 9 so far? ??

  4. Mosestino says:

    If your accurate the combat shotgun is pretty good. and I get loads of kills with it

  5. ItzCrazyK says:

    It look soo EZ when watching it but wen I try I ok bad

  6. Mafsj Bdjzjx says:

    You said video like 100000 times at the end

  7. My PS4 gamertag is Kev4life123!! Friend me please!!!!!

  8. Thanks to your tips I now get dubs

  9. Aiden Murray says:


  10. Billy Peru says:

    Drum guns and shotguns have actually gotten better for me after the patch

  11. Tahsin Atit says:

    Gamertag Exodus3204

  12. Smokos says:

    you just keep posting the same shit

  13. ViZe Traxx says:

    All I got from this video is drum gun spray ?

  14. ViZe Traxx says:

    He’s a good consistent player but a bad teammate

  15. Who won the vbucks because I wanna know

  16. 3L1TEBiggs says:

    Simone help me does he acually use d pad to edit or does he have a elite controller wiht paddle d

  17. Can I plz get vbucks plz I want battle pass my epic gamer tag is Mighty_blade171 plz give me vbucks I sub and liked the video

  18. PISTOL126 says:

    Hope you use it really appreciate it I wanna grow like you

  19. PISTOL126 says:

    Can u make a video on raising your kd right now the wick bounty counts towards stats and it’s easy to get 5 to 10 kills a match and could you shout me out for giving you the idea appreciate it if you do

  20. Liked , subscribed, turned on post notifications, used your code , epic ~ Thalia.so.moodie

  21. Yo my brother played with BH Razor x

  22. a bit maxed says:

    No, new gun best gun ??

  23. Tell me your colorblind please reply to me

  24. Young I'm hoping you can please give me so vbucks I have done all that u have said I can't play fortnite alot and always watch your videos gamer tag is RossRanger1213 I don't have enough to get the next battle pass

  25. My Xbox gamertag is CrazyJose12347

  26. My epic account is lamaurya-roberts

  27. Evil_Feverr says:

    Don't you just love it when u sit down to relax and watch younghumor 🙂

  28. Sleepy says:

    Boom you won now

    With 15 kills

  29. GripzTV says:

    Make this blue if you love YoungHumor
    ?(I'm Gifting sußs??)

  30. The new weapon is an Ar with SMG bullets

  31. M A R I A says:


  32. VateFendi says:

    Who else is underrated at fortnite?

  33. Thanks for the tips keep up the good work btw big fan and your tips are the best…. Well your probably the best console player

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