2018 BAD MODULE INFO FIX | PUBG | Fortnite | Arma 3



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The recent Windows 10 update has been causing some issues, here’s how to fix it for PUBG and Arma 3!

20 Replies to “2018 BAD MODULE INFO FIX | PUBG | Fortnite | Arma 3”

  1. worked for pubg so far ill update if it still crashes after i turn my graphics settings back up.

  2. Water Cat says:

    doesn't work for paladins for me 🙁

  3. Frytas says:

    (Don't fucking work on APEX)

  4. Krav Kev says:

    dont work it work on 32 bit but fucking paladins have now only 64 bit that sucks cant play the game anymore 70€ lose nice


  6. Mr. Cool says:

    This worked for me but PUBG had to uncheck run as admin because game would not start. Also had to clock CPU back to normal.

  7. Bay Relax says:

    Thanks ı love you <3

  8. mike grant says:

    Had this twice now … thank you 😉 arma 3

  9. ты што дебил штоле? гамно будеш?

  10. I can't check this option. If I do that when I launch the game it keeps flickering green screen… any ideas?

  11. Babełe says:

    Failed to initalize STEAM… Thanks for help I can't play now…

  12. c mamo says:

    And how do i do to stop the crahes with the exile mod

  13. Deniz Can says:

    great my game is green now.

  14. Annunaki Jew says:

    Did not work Failed to initialize steam right after PUBG

  15. Can u help me i have this problem with tom clancy s ghost recon wildlands

  16. FaasTy says:

    Give me your wallpaper please ?? 😛

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