3 Finger Claw Setup Tutorial + Handcam for Call of Duty Mobile | Tips and tricks | GS


Call Of Duty

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Song :- Sub Urban – Cradles (NCS)

28 Replies to “3 Finger Claw Setup Tutorial + Handcam for Call of Duty Mobile | Tips and tricks | GS”

  1. MONSTER BOY7 says:

    How to fix moving button like pubg. I lost it when touch fire button

  2. FG IScoutsI says:

    thx bro really helped

  3. whats the bacground kusic name?

  4. I love 3 finger claw but at top left i use scope instead of fire button

  5. Nikhil Sathe says:

    I'm right handed but I still prefer this??

    btw how do we stop the movement controller at one place??

  6. LoL just a kid !!!? Stop playing AI bots matches? go play Ranked matches or atleast Deathmatches……and use 3 claw in better way

  7. My phone is a note10+ would this work?

  8. Rick says:

    U notices that result!

  9. Bro sub me plz I subbed u

  10. Aidan Davis says:

    Do you play ranked? If so what rank are you?

  11. soNg Name Urban–Ncs plz subscribe him n check my channel

  12. I can't use 4 finger claw because of my phone size so I use 3 or 2 fingers. Guys I learned how to do claw! Wow I got the top comment because I said I could not use claw 10/10 would do again.

  13. Jerry .__. says:

    What’s the name of the song you are plying?

  14. sherapedme says:

    Where's the 3 finger?

  15. Nico Tubo says:

    My joystick will stop functioning everytime i claw

  16. Are you left handed? Bc I see all the tutorials for the trigger finger on the left side but I’m right handed and I usually have it on the right but the map is there

  17. SpokoBlast says:

    Should i start with 3 finger claw or jump straight to 4 finger?

  18. mohit Gamer says:


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