34 bomb (rumble mode)



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• Use Fortnite creator code: DELLORLOL-00001 if you want to dominate
• I livestream almost everyday on twitch. I try to post stuff here on youtube but my main focus is on my stream so follow me on twitch if you like my videos.






46 Replies to “34 bomb (rumble mode)”

  1. dean says:

    Happy dellor happy dellor happy dellor happy dellor happy dellor happy dellor

  2. AVO_Tony says:

    Thats actually really good to get a 30 plus. My most is like 21 i think. #Dominating

  3. Kris says:

    I’ve gotten a 33 bomb before

  4. I have the same edit button as you bro ?

  5. Ice Marquez says:

    I don’t care if you clickbait,rage or die your still dominant

  6. 3:22 This is why dellor is fps god btw

  7. Nice clickbait,but we still love you

  8. Erzen Hodai says:

    Lets go 1v1 with me bitch?You're noob

  9. Why would you upload this lol I’m a bout and I dropped 27 when this shit first came out anybody can do it bro

  10. Il buon Jack says:

    So many update,love it! First word of the video?? Llllllllllllllllllllll

  11. stealth man says:

    Sorry dellor but only bots play team modes like this. ( not impressive delly )

  12. Big Kap says:

    So toxic, i love it

  13. I got 36 in a rumble game. Does that mean I can be a famous YouTuber???

  14. Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident Rumble Resident

  15. Ryan Leutz says:

    This is the only Youtuber I would watch play Team Rumble for 12 minutes straight

  16. Don’t let you distract by the fact that Dellor is actually Sid from Toy Story

  17. mary vivero says:

    Doesn't pick up half potion he's retarded

  18. vAstrozh says:

    When you scream it sounds like a dying bunny

  19. Tommy Lopez says:

    Dellor should be recognized more ?

  20. Futile Blade says:

    You trolling that no skin was the besssst

  21. You were so casual about dominating that guy gliding.. Made me laugh lmao. Was expecting a loud "I'M DOMINATINGGG!!!'

  22. My highest was 39 kills

  23. Astro Havoc says:

    dellors aim is insane?

  24. D1234 says:

    I think this game mode is better for your health. Less rage

  25. My highest is 39 kills in disco domination

  26. KSteel18 says:

    In the one where the winning score is 200 me and my friend dropped 103 kills together. I got 53 he got 50.

  27. Broken says:

    Hah! I had
    35 Mills in console 🙂

  28. EvanMac17 says:

    This video was oddly calming.

  29. This mode is filled with bots

  30. ッez-roll says:


  31. IBrimBram says:

    Team rumble ? Thats nothing

  32. C L O U D Z says:

    34 is nothing in ruble

  33. Moemen Saleh says:

    lets go baby ouuuuuuu

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