4 Best And 4 Worst Things About Fortnite



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After six years in development, Fortnite: Save the World finally arrived in 2017… to indifferent shrugs. But just a few months later, Epic Games added a Battle Royale mode to the game, and seemingly overnight Fortnite rose to become the most popular game in the world. But is it really all that? Decide for yourself. Let’s take a look at the four best – and four worst – things about Fortnite…

BEST: It’s easy to get started |…

10 Replies to “4 Best And 4 Worst Things About Fortnite”

  1. SVG says:

    What are your favorite and least favorite things about Fortnite?

  2. The worst part it is battle royale garbage

  3. Jargon says:

    Did Fortnite rip off PUBG? DUHH

  4. I'm proud to say that almost a year later, i still have not bothered playing the game. I just have no interest in any Battle Royale titles. I need single player content with my shooters.

  5. The toxic community should’ve been added to the list

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