4 Nukes in One Match… Almost | Call of Duty Black Ops 4


Call Of Duty

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I was playing with a few of my Karnage Clan Teammates and almost all of us Dropped a Nuclear. There are a ton of CoD Bo4 tips. Feel Free to check out their channels if you like the gameplay.






23 Replies to “4 Nukes in One Match… Almost | Call of Duty Black Ops 4”

  1. JGOD says:

    Do you like videos like this with different perspectives in one match?

  2. JGOD this entire time I’ve haven’t been subscribed to you lol

  3. J Dad says:

    I still haven't found my combat fix on this game

  4. J Dad says:

    You guys learn these little areas and pick off all us little targets so well from learning. But I kind of prefer the real world where are you don't know what's going to happen and it's a brand new situation every time.

  5. Its JGod says:

    My Xbox name is Its JGod

  6. J Dad says:

    I stopped playing because I can't get that extra Dynamic I don't have any friends all my friends are either dead or gone away.

  7. Its JGod says:

    We have the same name sorta

  8. I’d take a break for like 3 weeks if I’d be getting destroyed like that?

  9. Rebellion TY says:

    You teach me something new everyday

  10. O T says:

    BRUH!!! Indeed

  11. Hello people of YouTube I’m super bored of bo4 and I have no friends so hmu if you ever want to play snd tdm or heist PSN:ImSerta hope you all have a great day love the content JGOD

  12. BlackMamba says:

    JGOD, Nonstop, Ears and Chuck?! Nasty Sqaud ❤

  13. tysheem Hood says:

    How many is a nuke again

  14. Jeffersota says:

    "engagements that benefit your weapon"

  15. OrangePeels says:

    I usually watch your videos for tips and it helps a lot, this channel is full of treasure.

  16. ekkla 85 says:

    Surprised the lobby didnt quit lol…I'd hate to be on that other squad probably would quit playing for a while after that lol

  17. I hate the auger dmr cuz it’s op and spammy

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