6 Tips & Tricks for Fortnite's Battle Royale Mode!



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Hey Guys! Plix here, Today I want to bring you my top tips and tricks for winning in Battle Royale more often. I have won solo and squad many times and I always try to stick to these tips and tricks. These are the first things I teach new people and I find it helps them play more confidently and strategically. I hope you enjoy!

24 Replies to “6 Tips & Tricks for Fortnite's Battle Royale Mode!”

  1. For real this made me better

  2. Fraz Mehmood says:

    Someone is calling ahhhh murder ahhhhh what door is open ahhhh

  3. cutiexo says:

    its john on the radio LMAO

  4. Great video! Thanks for the info

  5. Ana Martinez says:

    Thank you so much. EVERY TIME I try to get a win someone screws up my chance of winning. I subed in the middle of typing this to show how much I thank you. I hope your tips and tricks work out for me. Thank you!

  6. John Kedros says:

    Thanks!! This should have way more views

  7. Frank Brix says:

    Let me try this… I'll comment or edit this comment again if i won 2 times 🙂 thanks for your tip

  8. Rocky Slinko says:

    Hey, can you make a updated video to this? Thanks

  9. Aiello says:

    How does he get the color of his weapons to look that way? Like it's super bright and almost transparent and I want that instead of just a bland green or blue or even gray.

  10. george burns says:

    Total rubbish its pure luck I get to high ground still die get shot and build still die shoot people with shotguns dose 60-65 damage they shoot me dead in one shot!!!

  11. Noob player last 2 weeks…. I really struggle with getting killed in a shootout… I crouch and aim at the doorway in a house bcos I can hear someone coming…. I have shotgun and as soon as they come into room I start shooting. Regardless of what they have – I always lose. It's very frustrating. I'm rubbish at building and find using a PC with keyboard I can't get my fingers where they need to be quick enough 🙁

    In solo I do come in top 20 and also top 10 – I did a last 3 but ran out of ammo so got a 2nd place…. which is awesome for me.

    In 4 way squad I can rely on others' building skills and I can be tactical. Our team have won 2 games in squad….with just 2 of us left and I had a mini gun to take down the opponents' lair (very tall poorly built – like I'd make ahaha haaar) – they fell to their death 😀

    This vid gives some good in-game advice. I've just read your advice to Michelle Watson about building in the mire and don't shoot – just build…. good skills building 🙂 ty plix


  12. Will Bennett says:

    This video is trash great building skills dude

  13. any advice for a beginner. never been that great at these types of games. got a win (lucky i think) on the first day i played. cant seem to get decent weapons. and always get owned from the start. do have plenty of top 10 finishes, but mostly down to not getting into any conflict. not very quick with the building thing either. maybe should stick to puzzle games lol

  14. Am I the only one that played like 2 hours in total and have 0 win ? My greatest achievement is that I finished top 10 two or three times :))) i also play on ps4 using controller. Do you use mouse and keyboard?

  15. Yash TDG says:

    Can u do one for the late game only bro?

  16. Yash TDG says:

    I won my first solo cuz of u! Thx bro

  17. Bicep Flute says:

    Intro music violin beat name?

  18. My main problem is that when im in the last 5, getting into the circle is hard anyway to counter it?

  19. Much Obliged. Helped me win my first round, thank you.

  20. Thanks I had only won 3 games before I came across your article you my man just earned your self a sub

  21. Am4t3r4su says:

    Won't lie, if that dork hadn't potatoed like a champ at the end, that should have been a loss lol. especially since he got the drop with a shotgun. Dunno how he screwed that up so bad!

  22. Good tips, hit me up if you want to duo on PS4.

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