7 Tips for Dominating in the Turtling Meta (Fortnite Battle Royale)



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Turtling in Fortnite is incredibly powerful in many situations and easily the best defensive tool you have at your disposal. In this video, we explain why and when you should consider turtling, the advantages it gives, and give a bunch of specific tips on how you can outplay enemies while turtling.

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25 Replies to “7 Tips for Dominating in the Turtling Meta (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. Nice videos for 26k subscribers

  2. mike smith says:

    How to stop following off your own build?

  3. Zeletic says:

    If you place a wall on top of someones 1×1 when they’re turtling and break their cone when they replace it the wall you built pushes you down and you can break the floor through the cone

  4. No credit for SypherPK for 7:44

  5. Honeypump says:

    Clean and simple info great vid

  6. Inverted says:

    Can you make a video about sweaty players and the best way to counter them?

  7. Will Crowe says:

    I want people to see this video so he can get more views, likes etc. But I also don't want all the tryhards to use these against me ???

  8. As if we didnt have enough people turtuling all day xO

  9. pheq. says:

    Way better than proguides

  10. I wish you could make nice vids on phone.

  11. I hope the 15 k people dont bully me when i turtle

  12. Dane Harker says:

    This is ruining tf out of console

  13. I swear turtling is so fucking idiotic and unbelievable from noobs

  14. I mean great video but didnt really learn anything new :/

  15. Milordin says:

    There is a little quick shotgun shot when edited ceiling on my channel XD

  16. MemberBerry says:

    Just watch SypherPK, he is very good at turtling, he does this almost every fight

  17. Kibz. says:

    Nice video!
    I subscribed.

  18. Everybody be happy that some people are stupid and didnt watch this video

  19. Saffire says:

    Please put more ads in your videos.

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