A master of disguise plays Hitman 2



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My party trick is turning completely invisible

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42 Replies to “A master of disguise plays Hitman 2”

  1. What mission is that?

  2. Matt Mann says:

    this video smells like sunscreen

  3. Franksterman says:

    4:52 That one person only cares about potatoes instead of the body XD

  4. Nobody:

    That one dude: HeY whY dONt YoU sHOw sOmE ReSPecT,thAt iS nOT a SaCK oF pOtAtOeS!

  5. Ryaquaza 1 says:

    4:52 “Hey, how show some respect, that is not a sack of potatoes!” – a random person that’s probably dead now 2019

  6. The minibar has been replenished

  7. #47 on trending for gaming.


  8. I love his brief moment of surprise thinking there was another hitman running around killing people until he realized it was him 😂

  9. deaf-tomcat says:

    Hey RT can you keep game captions on?

  10. RT: "just so many means to kill someone already, at a glance."
    Me: oh I wonder what creative way he's gonna kill some-
    RT: Shoots some one with an ordinary pistol

  11. This replenished my hapiness like the minibar

  12. nerf llama says:

    Would anyone believe me if I said I played Subway surfurs while watching this?

  13. Idris Amiji says:

    RT game? More like bore ragnerock!

  14. IRL Dragging a Body: "What the hell? Is he okay? What're you doing?"
    Hitman 2 Dragging a Body: "Hey! Don't drag that body like a sack of potatoes!"

  15. Pira Piranha says:

    2:40 y’know i would love to see a mission where there actually is another guy running around killing people

  16. Rocknorm 007 says:

    How the fuck do you kill someone with a fish

  17. Darw!n 42 says:

    At 1:19 he literally pops a cap in someone’s a🅱️ XD

  18. The Nuker says:

    Tfw you cant take the womens outfits, such a disappointment.

  19. Gotta find a discreet way to kill her

    Y E E T S G R E N A D E

  20. Hoggs says:

    isnt last level hitman 1

  21. this requires effort

    dresses as a clown for the mission

  22. Is it just me or did I hear RT say "is that a naked man on the deck?"

  23. “The minibar has not been replenished, please see to it at once.”

    “Okay, any specific foods?”

    ”Muffins and fish.”

  24. etemet0 YT says:

    Rt if you’re having trouble reading this comment put on your glasses

  25. Shadou Wolf says:

    imagine trowing a muffing so hard you made a maid unconcious

  26. TPLT says:

    2:58 ???

    I mean, I GUESS sharks could probably attack in a swimming pool if someone was malicious enough to try.

  27. Nathi says:

    I thought I had an ad for the first 4 seconds xD

  28. Lionidas says:

    I have a barcode on my head so blaming me of a crime is profiling.

  29. Fóranzó says:

    A butler with the agenda is the best disguise

  30. Could you build Ausschwitz in minecraft

  31. I can't believe he finished the elusive target.

  32. A RT Games video with an optimistic title?

  33. the1 The2 says:


  34. Cheesy says:

    Am I not turtley enough for your turtle club?

  35. Creepas6363 says:

    8:10 me in every choices i make

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