Activision is Already RUSHING Next Call of Duty BAD?!


Call Of Duty

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Leaks are coming out that Activision is trying to fix a completely broken Call of Duty for next year and honestly it sounds BAD! Lets talk about the rumors and what they might mean!

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26 Replies to “Activision is Already RUSHING Next Call of Duty BAD?!”

  1. DreamcastGuy says:

    Well sounds like next year MIGHT be a bit of a mess. Thanks for watching and liking this video! 😀

  2. Call of poopy ??? epic name !

  3. Clint Man says:

    Let call of duty rest for god sake. We don’t need a new game every year.

  4. COD WAW was amazing intill they killed cod modern warfare series that when it went downhill cod has sucked since then

  5. Won't hurt my feelings. CoD is garbage.

  6. Activision is wasting the talented team at Raven on this series. The company that brought us numerous great games such as Hexen, Hexen 2, Heretic, Heretic 2, Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek Voyager Elite Force, Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast and STar WArs Jedi Knight Jedi Academy. Fucking waste of talent

  7. Thumbnail fail. Should have wrote: Call of Doody. Disappointed XD

  8. Kent Semenuk says:

    Making another black ops was there first mistake ????

  9. Juan Sariles says:

    Who the fucks keep buying the call of duty games they haven't been good since MW2

  10. Z.A.N.A. says:

    Activision the EA before EA became a meme

  11. Activision doesn't care. They haven't for a very long time if they have ever cared.

  12. Carlos Saft says:

    EA Star Wars are in less than a year in the making and people preordering like shit, maybe Activision can do this too…

  13. kytim89 says:

    The way they handled Infinite Warfare ended any enthusiasm I had for the franchise.

  14. GAVIN SMIYH says:

    Agree need a year off. Ideally have COD every two years, as yearly too much for me,

  15. Mark Wheeler says:

    Believe it or not CODs single player used to be the focus! Once that stopped I stopped buying, 1 I only play multiplayer occasionally and 2 I refuse point blank to support microtransactions

  16. Tool0GT92 says:

    Series has been dull for a long time. I was a big fan for about four years or so, gave up on black ops though I did play a little BO2 which was good.

  17. PurpleStorm8 says:

    The blame shouldn't go to Activision, it goes to their dunderheaded fanbase who are the same jockstrap-gamers that buy Madden and FIFA every year.

  18. now i'm not a shooter fan, but if there is something Activision should do is port Spyro trilogy to the switch

  19. Silent Syn says:

    More bugs and glitches you say? More sheep to buy this gsme you say? More monetization…okay see ya next year..humanity has failed.

  20. I’ve had it with this game since MW3. Cant even get into FPS now because COD burned me out ?

  21. Ripping on COD seems to be the "cool" thing to do now, the developers are in a no win situation with this game. If they keep it the same, they bitch, if they try something new and different, they bitch. An fps game like this would be hard to keep fresh and new every year, but I've enjoyed all of them and have absolutely no problem finding a match online. I don't miss the campaign AT ALL, you play the campaign once, then what, you just end up playing multiplayer after that. I know how people are, they're not happy unless they are bitching about something, it's human nature I guess.

  22. Wade Dewell says:

    Fuck cod, it needs to die

  23. Jexxer Parks says:

    Wasn’t sledgehammer hammer the ones who did the mp on mw3 well infinity ward did the rest of the game. Combining the teams again sounds like a good thing to me.

  24. Glen Pratt says:

    Activision sucks these days. Greed ruined them. Reminds me of EA

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