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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Road to Demascus is coming along because we finally got platinum pistols!
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39 Replies to “All That Work… For THIS!? | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”

  1. Jango747 says:

    Fans: Did you get platinum on pistols yet
    Mr. Fruit: Yes
    Fans: What did it cost?
    Mr Fruit: My sanity

  2. Disclaimer: I don’t have plat pistols yet, I’m close but I don’t have it quite yet

    In my opinion pistols were actually the most fun for me to do by doing them in hardcore. Pistols don’t have mounted kill challenges and long shots are a pretty short distance so I was able to rush people for the entire challenge and never had to sit back. For crouching kills I just slide around corners and by the time my gun is max level I’ve almost finished every challenge without really thinking about it

  3. I got my first gold today on the mp5 I spent forever doing hipfire and long shot kills and now I’m grinding some of the shotguns for the fun

  4. Gonna be perfectly honest with you, the Platinum camo is hella disappointing.

  5. Platinum on pistols is EZZZZZ

  6. You should do a sleep compilations. Your voice is so calming! uwu

  7. Jon Cramer says:

    Put the lockwood grip on the .357 it should put the platinum om the stock as well.

  8. Shivesh 007 says:

    I know I’m stupid but could someone tell me if u complete one camo for one gun it completes the whole set of weapons in its category

  9. Zane Black says:

    I took me 8 hours to get platinum

  10. Ok seriously am I the only one that mains and enjoys using pistols?

  11. Wambo o says:

    When your weapon lvls up does that increase your weapon damage

  12. Mr. Ko says:

    whenever he sings, he sounds like he is the singer of creed.

  13. suigintou101 says:

    I'm working on gold for my carbine however to get that the only challenge I'm having a hard time in is mounted kills. Like who the fuck mounts at all

  14. Alex B. says:

    i fucking hate the revolver vro im tryna get it up but i cant get like any kills with it because it fires so slow and i could be point blank and still get a hit marker

  15. Firechiken says:

    I’m going through this rn and I’m getting stuck on the long shots and my sanity leaves each time I think I get one but don’t

  16. I want to know why Assault Rifles take double of basically everything for camos. 100 mounted kills? FML

  17. max-well ice says:

    camp b on hardcore dom vacant 4 riot shield

  18. AUSTIN COIL says:

    Go on shipment for riot shield kills i got 5 in a couple mins

  19. Tanwackson says:

    Riot shield set up
    Whatever leathal
    Secondary .357 (hip fire kit)
    Core so taking hits is forgiven
    FFA so you get more 1on1 punishments
    Obj game modes like headquarters on hc is cool too run a trophy system
    Key in core is to tag once with the 357, also give it a wounding effect when they run pull the pistol out and chase till they turn and turtle up again.
    Enjoy as they kill themselves throwing bouncing Betty’s and try and melee you.
    Watch out for the throwing and reloading animation when you see that sprint left right or towards them. Now go get them killer assassinations and killing by smoke is broken.

  20. Beat Maker says:

    Meanwhile poor people in poor countries which is A LOT. Cant find food or water or warmth and you are whining about some game.

  21. team kills

  22. Koltaire says:

    The Deagle is still a semi auto handgun Fruit ?

  23. Imagine if mr fruit forgot to record and hes just sitting there being funny all to himself and just questioning life after he realised that he didn’t even record lmao

  24. The platinum camo looks way better now it was kinda trash until a few updates ago

  25. Erik Woole says:

    I got the riot shield gold in 3 days fallowing Mikey Gaming’s riot shield tutorial. Would defiantly suggest watching that video

  26. Greybeards? I see you are a man of fine taste, Mr. Fruit.

  27. armsdealer75 says:

    Does that hun have EA's logo on it?

  28. WithJimbo says:

    way easier on hardcore

  29. Knight Wolf says:

    I’ve never watched your vids before but…are you ok dude? I mean I hate pistols as is, but this just seems like sadomasochism.

  30. I have platinum in my LMG its meh.

  31. Empty says:

    Only went for platinum for the Deagle

  32. Darth R3van says:

    The pistols were so easy to get plat in hardcore though ?‍♂️ intact if you run a extended mag. My highest killstreak for my pistols I used no attachments and 25 gun streak…. I will admit I did play only half the may that match

  33. did anyone else see the gun barrel bend at 5:26 def pause and take a look

  34. for riot shield just do OBJs type. it's quite easy. Run EOD, Throwing knife, Ghost(so you can backstab) and Stim. I've done it in Hardcore cause it's one shots but you die so much faster to naids too so feel free to do it in the mode you prefer.

  35. EnConV says:

    Wait can you unlock platinum without unlocking Damascus?

  36. Zoidberg says:

    my first was pistols as well, my first gold gun was the x16

  37. Lifeform5 says:

    ive been curious how far along everyone is im missing 3 rocket launchers a few ars and the lmgs then I have Damascus(jokr done) im dreading the aerial support streaks with the rpg

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