Bank Me Daddy – Hitman 2 Funny Moments



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“Banks have shown themselves to be outdated, predatory, and easily hacked in the new millennium. To keep your earnings safe, invest all your money in this rickety unpronounceable crypto promoted my Mr. Worldwide himself, Pitbull!”
– Bruce at every employee meeting

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38 Replies to “Bank Me Daddy – Hitman 2 Funny Moments”

  1. That graphic with James on the woman’s body was horrifying. Did I click on Until Dawn?!

  2. "Run like Naruto!"
    I never thought I would hear bruce say these words

  3. Texans don't say "withdraw money"
    They say "withdraw'll money🤠"

  4. TheNukaCola says:

    The funniest thing in the world is them not realizing there was an exit right next to the vault

  5. Racist FUNHAUS is the best, especially when they’re racist to themselves, Americans and everyone else 😂

  6. G M says:

    0:11 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Oh nevermind.

  7. Reptar QT says:

    Adam playing hitman is the most stressful thing to watch. Anxiety city man, but fuck me do I laugh the whole damn time. 10/10

  8. Adam is actuality that best Hitman player on the planet he just plays like this to boost the confidence of the less capable players. Truly a kindhearted man. 🙂

  9. XVII says:

    @2:41 bursted out in laughing while spitting out my coffee

  10. Zero Knight says:

    What is that beautiful music at 2:00?

  11. Sierra Marie says:

    Phantom of the Grand Ol Oprey

  12. Okay but Adam is glowing literally wow

  13. WAIT, you play Hitman and go straight to the BANK!!!??? FUCK OFF! I havent even gotten to that map yet as im still working on the other levels.
    STRAIGHT TO THE BANK!!! FFS PLAY THE GAME! Dont just skip to the end…

  14. Oof says:

    Guys I'm starting to think Adams not very good at Hitman.

  15. Luke Zupanic says:

    Whats that song bruce sings at the end?

  16. chaotea says:

    These are the funniest things.

  17. GENERALTIM21 says:

    Adam seems happier in this episode. Good to see, if thats the case

  18. No cringe warning at the beginning??? Fucking Steve-O if he never did drugs looking mofo!!!

  19. Orfeas Kasap says:

    Imagine if they knew about the easter egg with the paintings and the key.

  20. I gotta say, it was weird when Eva Green showed her bush to Dumbo in Dumbo. Even more so when Colin Ferrel did, too.

  21. Manko_Spanko says:

    "oh it's a unisex bathroom, how progressive. kill them both" – Bruce green

  22. Jose Salinas says:

    Life is not going to be the same when this guys retire and there's no more funhaus of inside gaming I really hope they keep making videos until I'm 80 lol but all good things come to an end .

  23. Bliss Dubbs says:

    Internet Daddies playing Hitman

  24. Jon K says:

    At the beginning of the video when they are choosing to be dressed as a cowboy and James takes off with the voice; Adam does this point thing that fills my heart with warmth. So insync it’s wholesome

  25. i wish they found the bank robbers they were so close to them

  26. Thomas Hardy says:

    That rich oil tycoon sounds a lot like Ron Howard…

  27. I sorta wanted to see them realize the amount of points the lost for killing non targets.

  28. …but there aren’t any mattresses. ☹️

  29. I didn't know Todd Howard provided the voice for Agent 47 in Hitman 2.

  30. Viewer says:

    Adam is the rainman of hitman XD

  31. Just the fact that James can be happy to make others laugh makes me happy too.

  32. Lake milk says:

    Adam is jaundiced.

  33. Please do a series on HITMAN 2016 (Season one):

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