BASE Trap Constructor Build / Fortnite



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Fortnite StW, BASE Trap Constructor Build
Support-A-Creator daviddean (if PS4 back space once after autofill)
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31 Replies to “BASE Trap Constructor Build / Fortnite”

  1. David Dean says:

    NOTE – RoundedTikTak video on this Trap Tunnel Build

  2. Walkqツ says:

    You and a1getdismoney are the best stw youtubers ever


  4. RusH N RelaX says:

    @David dean my man probably dnt remember me but roughly a yr ago u gave me advice bout everything working out my house was condemned in NY & you told me bout your dads house &farm going bankrupt, i kept u in back of my mind saying "its alright keep going" well in dark time u gave a lil light n hea we are half way across the U.S. my girl and i became managers of a billion dollar company not that were making that lol and slowly replaced everything considering we came wit just are clothes on our back and we almost 100% rebuilt in a yr from losing every single thing.. just want to say big thank you for being that lil voice in my head & wtf they do in this past yr to stw lmao im lost what video do i watch to learn all these new hero loadouts etc and is our og guns still the best or did they make anything unique?

  5. Unlimited rocket ammo 👏

  6. Dark Angel says:

    Why can’t I use supercharge traps as my team perk?

  7. JVenom says:

    if i have an afk war base how many walls do i need to place in the B.A.S.E range to get the max 150 matts per min

  8. KeenanHadMew says:

    David dean why dont i have the team perk?

  9. Otakuu FN says:

    Question. Let’s say there was a support hero in your loadout and when you build a wall or something the effect is placed on that wall or trap. When we switch to another load oat like ninja will the walls or trap still hav the effect or will it disappear if the constructor loadout is not present?

  10. Terry Booth says:

    u r awesome, more people should get to know u

  11. Can I trade the heavy base to mega base?

  12. Mr Krabs says:

    hello david just to ask you can i replace thora with another hero cuz i dont have her

  13. When I try to use the BASE ability it doesn't allow me to place it.

  14. DeanRendar84 says:

    i need too see sturdiest, most lasting constructor support team build for homebase for soloing with defenders..

  15. Sinisterツ says:

    I saw Team Vash use this first

  16. lol thanks I didn't know how to switch the reinforced wall button to my trap button thanks!

  17. I can’t find pre planning perk

  18. 2Cool Gamerz says:

    Hey, best constructor load-out for Storm Ds and War Game Mode? Thanks in advance.

  19. aimcast says:

    2:48 Haha “but hey, we can look at the traps here”

  20. Iceskrim ! says:

    got any base turtorials for twine peaks 1

  21. Thank you just wanted to know where they put the base lol

  22. I can't place traps as a constructor

  23. Nikkii S says:

    How the hell do I build the B. A. S.E I'm using the correct dude it's in the trap wheel but I can not place the damn base.. Am I missing something?

  24. SaltyVersaci says:

    why can't I place my base enhancement, it dosent give me the option to when I look at my floors.

  25. The best farming build plss i need it

  26. Random Guy says:

    That 2 tile setup is badass.

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