BATTLE IN THE BATHROOM (Call of Duty Black Ops Custom Zombies)


Call Of Duty

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37 Replies to “BATTLE IN THE BATHROOM (Call of Duty Black Ops Custom Zombies)”

  1. MW22 ran into a beat down. Ouch! What a way to go. What happened to G4H, we'll never know. But probably just as painful as MW22. Thanks for playing, YAW.

  2. Leroy Harvey says:

    Challenge… Finish a whole clip for for once! Always reloading, kinda annoying…

  3. Battle in the bathroom but instead of zombies it's just constipation

  4. OhSoCali says:

    Ahh, bathroom humor😂

  5. Trenton Gill says:

    That is the mrtr Meatwagon rifle and Trenton rifle and I am your biggest fan

  6. The bathroom guys smell Poo ALL day!!!! You never know If It messes their brain, maybe he's trying to make the mint more exitable, you dont know what he put in that mint (maybe Poo or drugsies)

  7. Please go back to minecraft with mods again!

  8. Yaw you should do something were if fans win a challenge they get to play a zombie map with you

  9. Paula Green says:

    👍 if you think zombies aren't real but people could talk about them

  10. matt zoppie says:

    Love that the first thing Gunn’s did was look under the stalks lol! Also is this the girls room?

  11. I love your vids i nevered did a cystom map im going to the one soon i love your vids

  12. I now officially understand why Chris's username has a 22 in it.

  13. Heyy I was wondering if we could see guns point of view from zombies I knw u guys did it in the past but I was wondering if u guys can do it again. ❤️ love ur videos

  14. Deathwarrior says:

    This video got weird QUICK xD

  15. CLAY DOG 001 says:

    Always Bring Your PP

    –SH To The Bathroom

  16. CLAY DOG 001 says:

    I… MUST…. HAVE….. MY–


  17. I love how you guys can just be talking or playing the game, then out of no where I'd here "neener neener"

  18. cam says:

    completes it still waits for his girlfriend

  19. Mr cod Magic says:

    Whats taking you guys so long in the bathroom? We are trying to kill zombies mom mabye I should start saying that😀

  20. nextgen says:

    Me and my dad had a battle in the bathroom last night !!!

  21. Whats a bible ending?

  22. What about an infinite warfare map


  24. Give us some ammo, proceeds to kill all of them inside the window 😂

  25. Rentsco says:

    Designated meaty rifle 😂

  26. Y do they never aim 50% of the time

  27. MurderGxng says:

    Hey meaty did u hear adt the earthquake that hit on the 4th

  28. Jayden Moore says:

    Hey meaty have you tried sliding to floating perks

  29. Don't forget the toilet paper

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