Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons Comparison


Call Of Duty

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Good old Black Ops vs BF Bad Company 2! Check out this gun sounds comparison between these two old great games! Which one sounds better in your opinion?

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44 Replies to “Battlefield Bad Company 2 vs Call of Duty Black Ops Weapons Comparison”

  1. The m1 garand echo sounds so good in bc2

  2. Kevin J says:

    Bad Company is just overall a better game than Black Ops. The graphics, sounds, animations, story and gameplay. Just everything is better.

  3. The Doomguy says:

    0:30 why does it sound like a tight slap

  4. Model: BFBC2
    Sound: CODBO1
    Animations (recoil and reload): BFBC2.

  5. Gabriel Ruiz says:

    En los 2 juegos enpuñan las pistolas para el orto

  6. IQ 4U says:

    Bad company the best

  7. Bfbc2 is the most underrated shooter imo it was sooooo far ahead of its time

  8. People are ragging on Battlefield’s reload animations, but Call of Duty literally just copies and pastes the reload animation for any M4/M16 and AK-47 equivalent from the previous game. Look up the reload animations for MW1-MW3 and then look at this. They use the same exact script.

  9. Why are the shells flying out the muzzle/front 3rd of the guns in bc2

  10. Oh cause of M16/M16A1, M1A1 Thompson, M1 Garand, M14, AK-47, M60, TT-33 Tokarev and M1911 gets in in there

  11. Pls do mosin nagant
    Or five seven

  12. Abel says:

    Really grinds my gears how all the pistols in BFBC2 are double action

  13. Hekken. says:

    The BO animations are objectively better.
    And, I think the nostalgia is the reason I like the sounds more as well.

  14. Riley Blea says:


  15. BF2 had some problem with the scale of the weapons i mean you fell like the perspective is from the player's shoulder not head and the animations really sucks in bf bad company
    I am not a hater i love both games but bf bad c was really disappointing

  16. Ashra Arrafi says:

    cod black ops 1: who are you?
    BFBC 2: I'm you but with recoil.

  17. Gotta be honest, the votes are always gay.

  18. Thats exactly what I need in 2019

  19. Isai Vega says:

    Bad company:the ppsh hold 30

  20. Coming from a huge fan of both series equally, I'd say Black Ops was more realistic in its reloads and sounds. Granted, there are exceptions. But look at BFBC2's Vietnam guns. Like the AK. THE ANIMATION DOESN'T EVEN USE THE CHARGING HANDLE!

  21. I have already seen this comparison…hmm

  22. No one:

    Not a single person in the entire galaxy:

    Bfbc2 guns: *Slap me harder daddy

  23. black ops still looks good

  24. In battlefield the weapons are so big in comparasion with the hands of the player

  25. Toufusoup says:

    Man, fucking turn on Wartapes for fucks sake. You making people miss out.

  26. Honza Balák says:

    1:50 – That's no AK-47. It has AKS-74 stamped body and top cover, weird sights, AKM gas block and there is no front sling swivel.

    1:59 – That's no AK-47 either. It's an AKM. And the ropes would render the gun useless, since they block the bolt carrier's line of travel. But at least it looks like a believable AK.

    And yes, I already mentioned it in a separate comment, but dude, make a Last Light vs Exodus video.

  27. Honza Balák says:

    Last Light vs Exodus

  28. AgusDasher72 says:

    Black Ops 1
    Black Ops 1

  29. Both games are so good but bfbc2 animations are quite wacky and the models are so big or small

  30. Both have good sounds that I downloaded in my phone as music.

  31. noodle says:

    3:09 two bullets im the clip for eigth shoots :>

  32. Na, im sorry.. Bad Company all the way outclasses Black ops, and I grew up with Black Ops, not Battlefield, not a BF fanboy saying.

  33. I would say some Black Ops weapons are better and some Bad Company 2 weapons are better than Black Ops, such as the UZI, Thompson, & M60, even AK47 for feel but BO1 has better reload animation.

  34. GreenTea says:

    2:58 That is by far one of the most retarded reloads I ever seen… Also what the hell was up with BFBC2 and smacking mags ???

  35. OtávioLKS says:

    Battlefield Bad Company 2: have idiot reloads but have good weapon sounds
    Call of Duty Black Ops 1: have good reloads and bad weapon sounds

  36. Itz_Sc00by says:

    3:05 looks like the shells are ejecting from the barrel, and also, when you're out of ammo and you shove a clip inside the gun, instantly the bolt shoots forward, you don't push it. That's how alot of soldiers in WW2 and Korea messed their thumbs up, because of the bolt cover smashing it

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