BEST 4 FINGER CLAW HUD LAYOUT for Fortnite Mobile for iPhone/iPad/Android Users | Pro Mobile Player



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Hey guys! I’m back with another hud layout video and this one is the best by far! This hud is amazing and I hope it helps you out! Watch it fully to see what you could become! If you enjoyed the video be sure to subscribe to the channel and click the notifications bell icon so you get notified when I upload/stream! Enjoy and peace ✌️

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40 Replies to “BEST 4 FINGER CLAW HUD LAYOUT for Fortnite Mobile for iPhone/iPad/Android Users | Pro Mobile Player”

  1. I want to one vs one you

  2. Can I play with you please
    YTCypher is my epic name

  3. The 1st song is LAKEY ISPIRED – In my clouds

  4. Neychot says:

    do you press the build buttons with your thumb or the index finger

  5. Neychot says:

    do a handcam, I wanna know where do you place your fingers

  6. Neychot says:

    how do you make the build buttons really big? Cuz i keep pressing the wrong button lol.
    can i use this hud, but put the shooting buttons on the right?

  7. remains says:

    cough mrzes cough

  8. Camola4 says:

    Can you make a hand cam video

  9. Camola4 says:

    Can you make a hand ca vid

  10. EЯЯOR says:

    Is this Claw good for android??

  11. Austin Fenn says:

    I dropped a like and a sub my man

  12. not2bad says:

    How to u make the place building thing thats on the right bottom side only visible while you’re in build mode

  13. for Samsung s8 plus ???

  14. BLUES 8 says:


  15. BLUES 8 says:

    You can put the map at the right side of the movement stick thingy


  17. How do u play with those small buttons?

  18. Esme says:

    Finally! A player that is as good as me if u wanna play i add u bc my name is in font letters

  19. Cj Salinas says:

    When you use weapons do you tap to fire or use the fire button on the upper cornor?

  20. ITZ CRACK says:

    Hey can i add you in my friend lists and can we play duos sometimes

  21. ITZ CRACK says:

    Have you really played with Roland GG

  22. ITZ CRACK says:

    When will you 1v1

  23. ITZ CRACK says:

    Hey you wanna 1v1

  24. Paul Yanez says:

    I’m using this with the iPhone 7

  25. Icy Fortnite says:

    What device do you use

  26. Super_ xz says:

    hope your builds can withstand a whole squad of auto fire defaults…

  27. Simpiec says:

    Want a iPad so I I can see better

  28. Simpiec says:

    I’m better then you JK But soon I will go on ipad and be better lol

  29. Why are your buttons so small

  30. Dr.M3RCY Fnm says:

    Amazing building skills

    I need help on double ramp floor wall though

  31. joseph young says:

    Nice building Smooth like mine and. Thos 90 boi

  32. ProbeGamer says:

    Nice video keep up the great work.?

  33. Reign says:

    So you watch mrzes lmao ?

  34. Hydra [] says:

    What do you use to shoot

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