BEST Controller *AIMBOT* Settings fort Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 (Ps4/Xbox/Pc)



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17 Replies to “BEST Controller *AIMBOT* Settings fort Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 (Ps4/Xbox/Pc)”

  1. Liqzy says:

    if you guys enjoyed make sure to leave a like and subscribe πŸ’ž

  2. XBlits says:

    I’m not gonna lie and say your insane (Your average)

  3. Awesome video Keep it up!! πŸ”₯ I dropped a sub with notis! Mind doing the same for me? ❀️

  4. Montage K1NG says:

    We’re u that socker skin in solos

  5. Icon_B_11 says:

    I was in one of ur creative fills

  6. Dam Liqzy 😍😍 you are so goated ngl like i’ve been here since 300+ subs now u 3,000+

  7. Ben YKM says:

    No no no GG πŸ‘

  8. Ali Adam says:

    Man said like 5 vids ago he will give me a shoutout now what

  9. Epic Nuke says:

    Can you add me? Epic: Epic_nuke4life I rlly want the battlepass i did everything C; happy to show your appreciation Great video by the way C: I am also new. Tell me your epic in reply too

  10. CYLO6 says:

    Dont worry i wont expose you with the first clip

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