BEST SETTINGS / HUD + Intense Custom Match in Call Of Duty: Mobile ( COD Mobile )


Call Of Duty

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24 Replies to “BEST SETTINGS / HUD + Intense Custom Match in Call Of Duty: Mobile ( COD Mobile )”

  1. Also it was in this video

  2. If you see someone that was called chills that was me

  3. Calennn says:

    Hell yeah Brodie ??

  4. I wish they would hurry up with the global release.

  5. Tony Tapat says:

    wait for saxy my fren

  6. Nc what I’ve been waiting for❤️?

  7. Qsiphon says:

    “There so much worse in resspawn” “Respawn takes gun skill” *using pdw * ?

  8. xdr says:

    Fellow Irishman ☘️???

  9. Omg dam brooo nice sorry i wasnt early had to go to bed early

  10. I’m clapping everyone they’re all doodoo

  11. Lil skrt. says:

    I feel bad for your channel men..

  12. K_zI says:

    Wait you said aim accelerations off but it is on

  13. You absolutely ferged the opponents ?

  14. fired skull says:

    Thanks for the sensitivity setting my gameplay improved so much when I used it! I still lost because my team were bots I got 27 kills they all got like 5……

  15. Daud Hicks says:

    I turned my sensitivity up and use gyro + 3D Touch.

  16. AddfistYT says:

    I’m waiting for global release❤️

  17. I was waiting for this video
    Awesome Gameplay bro
    Keep growing bro

  18. Jacob Felix says:

    Btw I love the videos I'm glad I ran into you at the podcast really love your skills hope you can make a clash video

  19. Jacob Felix says:

    Ferg if you see this it's the kid from the Logan Paul podcast hope you see this and maybe type back

  20. Ma Rio says:

    Fan from cambodia❤️❤️?

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