Black Ops 2 – 86-2 Kill Confirmed – Slums – Combat Training Objective – Call of Duty


Call Of Duty

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Dominating a lobby of noobs and bots in combat training. Missed the nuclear as I was killed by my own Warthog just as I got my Brutal mdeal. Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year, life is busy here (I just got back from Japan) but hope to start posting more videos. I just hit 500 subscribers and will post a special video to celebrate soon 🙂 Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far, you are awesome!
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9 Replies to “Black Ops 2 – 86-2 Kill Confirmed – Slums – Combat Training Objective – Call of Duty”

  1. once I went 70-1 nuclear and used orbital lodestar and k9

  2. ant greeny says:

    Looking for people to play combat training with.
    Add me on xbox: ant1greeny

  3. Imagiro 123 says:

    Cool gameplay are you making more

  4. Mini Dagter says:

    FINALLY!!! I have diamond SMG's now!!

  5. Mini Dagter says:

    It's been a while man!

  6. hey im a long time sub just a diffrent account and i love your vids

    any future commentaries?

  7. How to prestige in 1 game super beast style ha. Are you getting next gen console? Not seen you on PH for a while now bud, how's it going?

  8. Woah! Where have you been?!

  9. Do you have have.ghost and if you do you should play squad wargames its kinda like this

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