Black Ops 2 unOfficial Rap Song! Call of duty


Call Of Duty

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I originally wrote this as a “Tupacs Back” parody. But heard this beat at the last minute and culdnt pass it up!!
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20 Replies to “Black Ops 2 unOfficial Rap Song! Call of duty”

  1. Qezmo says:

    u and meze da gamerΒ  should make a song together

  2. Tj u a hater its beast

  3. I think this is fresh and creative

  4. if u click on my name itll load my channel and the video will automatically start playing

  5. SONYA WRIGHT says:

    add me psn id great12012

  6. Scooter Bob says:

    Brysi is way better

  7. I have one of the most awesomest raps ever written about cod! Please check ma shiznit!

  8. I have one of the best cod raps on my channel! No lie

  9. if u like this u will jizz over my cod rap! no lie no lie no lie!

  10. CartoonFr says:

    brysi is not the king of cod ,some one else is playing for is place,some time i see ps3 graphic and xbox and good song xD

  11. True This Better Than Brysi

  12. brysi is noob
    he can't rap

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