Black Ops 4 Can Treyarch Save Zombies? Call of Duty BO4 DLC 2


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies is a RIP, but can Treyarch save it or is it too late? We should have a DLC 2 trailer tomorrow. I think BO4 Zombies will go down the route of WW2 MP, good content, but too late.
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9 Replies to “Black Ops 4 Can Treyarch Save Zombies? Call of Duty BO4 DLC 2”

  1. Santino King says:

    For me it doesnt need to be saved. Its already good as is. Im just mad there's no damned theme and that the loot weapons arent going to be available after absolute zero is over.

  2. I’m giving all the prayers I can right now. ?????????

  3. Hey Phantom and anyone who is interested, I was looking through the cod zombies Reddit and discovered a user by the name of DontWorkAtQA who appears to be a QA tester for BO4 zombies and the game as whole. I would encourage you all to look at his post (potentially legitimate) as they really give an insight into what happened with BO4 and the terrible launch. He also talks a bit about how the Zombies team was kinda forced to work on Blackout after the SP-Campaign was scrapped. This would explain why the mode was in such a bad state at launch. Again I encourage anyone to look at his posts, they look pretty legit. But if they are hurry because Activision could take them down, who knows.


    If these guys get their shit together We’ll see

  5. COD zombies needs a revive. And it's Grief Freakin' simple!!

  6. I feel like the only thing the Zombie community needs is some hype. I think a simple DLC 2 trailer would be the best start.

    There is plenty of content already in BO4 with the base maps, DLC maps, and the 2 completely different and fun game modes. I think people just need to look at it objectively.

    I think WW2 is one of my top 3 MP CoDs. And I think BO4 is becoming my favorite zombies game.

    Great video! Fingers crossed we can get a positive and healthy community again!

  7. XNLEEX says:

    Was about to beat my meat but then I got a notification… so I came here fwak yeah ✊?

  8. Phantom Ice says:

    In all seriousness, I think BO4 Zombies will be the WW2 MP of COD Zombies………..if……. that makes sense?

  9. Phantom Ice says:

    Yeh, i'm gonna need a DLC trailer

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