Black Ops 4 Update: Another Disappointment…


Call Of Duty

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Today an Update went live for Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Today we talk about everything that is added to this even in Black Ops 4. This includes, Ambush 2.0 and that’s pretty much it. Hope you Enjoy!

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32 Replies to “Black Ops 4 Update: Another Disappointment…”

  1. Toscanius says:

    You intros are repetitive and boring. I always skip them, all 2 minutes of them.

  2. Owwe 25 you are so young!

  3. James Warner says:

    1:07 shouldn't that be Eastern Daylight Time?

  4. cod2025 says:

    Whoever dislike is a part of the problem why call of duty is on that bullshit

  5. I am right there with you bro, I'm just tired of the bullshit in this game. The lag in the mp lobby, and waiting for match to start. Why are there, so many loading screens before each match starts? Bo4 is ass at this point, skill based match making is a serious thing. Always going up against try hard master prestige, while my team haven't even prestiged once yet. Snipers need massive nerfs, not buffs TREYARCH!!. I don't understand, why you guys decide screw the rest of the community. Let's put our best designer, Von in Blackout or and leave us scraps. I'm aware he intentionally went there, but my point is we got Tony Flame which is a lousy replacement.

  6. Warlock 04 says:

    I went back to bo2 and bo3 lmao

  7. Why they took bounty hunter out i really cried for like 4 hours

  8. The fact you didn’t talk about the fact they took a free camo we had with the release of the game and a pistol we got for pre-ordering is being resold to us for a $20 price tag. Also, it was confirmed in their stock holders meeting that the game is like this because they’re testing to see how hard they can push us until we snap. They’re all scumbags and I feel like an idiot for wasting money on this game and the Black Ops pass. F**k Call of Duty, I’m not buying a new CoD game ever again

  9. Keshawn Shaw says:

    Big cod youtubers never speak on this.
    Except you.

  10. I like how your so honest.

  11. VOLD GAMER says:

    infinity ward: we are adding new weapons to infinite warfare
    (adds new weapons)
    shitarch cocksuckers and idiots: boo this game is ass
    shitarch: we are adding a new sniper to bo4
    (2 months go by, no sniper)
    shitarch cocksuckers and idiots: this game is awsome
    god this world is full of idiots

  12. Hxrris 45 says:

    Is the quad actually called the mongoose like in Halo? ?

  13. joel perez says:

    Ambush 2.0 is so FUCKING bad dude. They had it right the first time( minus the sdm spam im glad they removed that 10/10) but why do they take away the sdm but add these ridiculous shot guns it’s unplayable dude its disappointing id rather take bowie knife and sdm over this stupid shit

  14. 5H4D0W H4ND says:

    There's probably like 2 people working on MP and zombies and 30 on blackout

  15. Samuel Hood says:

    Ground war 18 player lobby which double specialist and score ? I think yes

  16. LOWKEY YOLO says:

    I love who they hate the game yet play it
    buthurt much

  17. Uncle says:

    Firebreak or crash?

  18. Uncle says:

    I don’t know who to main anymore???

  19. I feel the same way inkslasher. Thats why i stopped playing the game

  20. Tom Jupiter says:

    treyarch are just professional milkers. This is my last call of duty i can promise that. The greed is just intense with them.

  21. Jim Hunter says:

    As usual Mr JGod the video was good I myself have been playing cod for years and at the moment I am very frustrated

  22. Mrpineapples says:

    Yeaaa this is my last COD I fucking hate bo4 but I’m still playing cause I paid that 60 fucking dollars smh , I regret it ?

  23. WoA Mortis says:

    How about more checks on suspected cheaters in the game

  24. Timothy Loan says:

    Enemy footstep sound has been broken since they brought Alcatraz back. Its been a week and a half and they still haven't fixed it.

  25. Hey ink u missed NO SDM biggest change I think now I play it more lol

  26. Ginseng-San says:

    Omg glad the fall firearms returned 🙂 I didn’t get a chance to get it the first time , plus it’s basically 6 camos for $20

  27. When BO4 launched in October last year I had high hopes for it, the gameplay was enjoyable, there were some bugs to be fixed but in a live service that is somewhat understandable, for the most part weapons were somewhat balanced, and the longer ttk rewarded accuracy and for staying on target for longer. However, the fact that a person can spend money to get everything before everyone else is unacceptable and reselling old content is down right despicable. Treyarch went from the most loved CoD developer to one of if not the most hated. If CoD 2019 is not "perfect" then there is no hope for CoD going forward.

  28. Crow Fu says:

    How to fix BO4
    1. Add SOMETHING to grind for, a currency like salvage from WW2 and MWR so we can outright BUY the skins and weapons we want.
    2. NERF SNIPERS, most guns take 4-9 shot to kill while snipers can ONE SHOT you ANYWHERE on the map. Or at least remove High Cal 2 from the Paladin and make snipers do 150 damage at most so body armor and Crashes Tak5 counter it.
    3. Add BETTER SKINS, 90% of all weapon and gun skins are horrible and dont look identical to the default skins.
    4. Profit ???

  29. A Praetorian says:

    Misty , why do you keep emphasizing no new special orders lol

  30. Why is this 360p lmao

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