BO4 5v5 Snd Tournament Intense Match League Play


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4

22 Replies to “BO4 5v5 Snd Tournament Intense Match League Play”

  1. Bro I downt understand this kids getting hell of subs and u one of the best bo4 players in the word…

  2. xG KiLO says:

    LoyalSZN is ass bro cmon it shouldn’t b that close but luhjay is type nasty I beat him 6-5 in a fe but homie didn’t disappoint

  3. xProKamo says:

    how do u get like no subs, ur one of the best players

  4. bylocation says:

    Get my man's to 1000 subscribe ye hearddddd

  5. jhdodson says:

    Who is in your main 5 man team?

  6. Remember me when your famous

  7. Sar Ayu says:

    GG ! That 3 piece was big on B bomb bro you made them lose full after that lol

  8. Tipzn says:

    Broken controller god ya heard

  9. Splater says:

    Big smokes 🔥🔥🔥💪🏻

  10. ChainNuke says:

    U done came a long way my guy

  11. Im Rambo says:

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