Border Patrol – First In, First Out. (Call of Duty Black Ops 2) | Swiftor


Call Of Duty

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I should caption the thumbnail for this video with “DEAR GOD – MY BACK!!!”.

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50 Replies to “Border Patrol – First In, First Out. (Call of Duty Black Ops 2) | Swiftor”

  1. faded magzz says:

    why won't you be a sniper

  2. can you send me a friend zombieslayax978

  3. Hill Red says:

    Lmao 2:152:45 😂😂😂

  4. Yo can I play Xbox one with you

  5. Arne Jenssen says:

    These babies actually tell on eacother

  6. mathew do says:

    grandtheftbatd your trash for using mod can get skill 

  7. border petrol on stone having

  8. my computer sucks but not you

  9. josue gamboa says:

    You have a nice Sniper scout!

  10. Tbsu Alofjnr says:

    Swift Hopefully You See this. You should try do a 64 player Game MortalMode/Border Patrol On Battlefield 3/4! Would be so good!

  11. Rene Rosales says:

    This shit is boring af , do some domination or s&d against each other

  12. Hunter Kean says:

    6:11 marijuana plant not shiting you

  13. Nightmare 64 says:

    lol so long border potrol is back

  14. TheTayyzilla says:

    you should do this on battle field

  15. SUMOSUPREME says:

    Tbh That Frzn Flux kid or whatever was pretty annoying

  16. Kapa-z says:

    Fuck your channel you bald penis

  17. a girl said hi to me is that a good sign?

  18. SLEEPY says:

    You're so fucking disgusting looking.

  19. Swift I see your growing that beard ✋✋

  20. Andrew Silva says:

    Swift be a sniper in border patrol

  21. InstantGamer says:

    Swift I have black ops 1 I watch twitch so can u play black ops next

  22. DeFaLt says:


  23. ethan louis says:

    You should play british bull dogs
    You pick one person to chase and the others are runners. They line up at one place and they must run to a place opposite the first place while trying to avoid getting knifed by the chaser

  24. Walker Anime says:

    My biggest dream is to get on one of your shows swif,  this channel is like a tv show, I am following it straight to the end.

  25. I remember wen your channel had like  1000,00 and now your going on millions.

  26. Gabe Lopez says:

    I watched this live

  27. XordadGaming says:

    Swiftor when do u do streams on twitch because I want to play with u

  28. Fritz Fantom says:

    with this glases and the beard you look like the dude from hangover in thin!

  29. AN01 says:

    What Gunnars is he wearing?

  30. Ser Flynn says:

    Swiftor in the next Border Patrol you should be in the sniper team. Just for a change. Like so he can see guys! 🙂

  31. You need age limit to your games swift the little kids just take things too seriously

  32. That kid raging was so annoying hahaha and Cookie when he died omg hahah

  33. P3ENGUINbw says:

    Swift should be a sniper

  34. seems like the first time runners have ever won

  35. CalmPavement says:

    RIP in peace snipers

  36. Its not a mod because the shots were not in the same order (time between them was different) and some people can just shoot that fast.

  37. Aaron Ax says:

    Wtf swiftor. Your channel blew up bro. I remember when it was less than 100,000 hahah wtf happened. Now you finna hit a million

  38. Trigger finger on a pistol? alright.

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