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Call Of Duty

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Added a bit of video to the beginning (and end) – but yep, I’ll be live more often at – Follow me on Twitch to get an email when I go live. Also thanks to everyone who LIKES my videos, it’ll REALLY help. You rock!
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24 Replies to “Border Patrol – Sniper Bullet To The Chin – Call of Duty | Swiftor”

  1. whos watching in 2016

  2. Kevin Olmos says:

    You have the pay day two mask

  3. Add me I have ps4 also my gamer tag is (dontay4cash)

  4. Swiftor I love your videos and I wish I could play with you but I have ps3 and your friends list is full

  5. How do we get in to one of your games

  6. Raheem 99 says:

    Your videos are awsome

  7. 7th Indigo says:

    Ay whats the channel I go to. To watch this live cause I dont know.???

  8. Border patrol is my most favorite to watch. Post more videos of them!

  9. Koola Killa says:

    if you do this in the future make it longer or add another round this was sad how short it was

  10. Jake Yowell says:

    Swift or if you can will you do some more Border Patrol,Thanks

  11. setsunai says:

    Hey Swiftor, I would like to play with you, ps3: WAR_GUNkid,
    Can you please inform me of a new game

  12. +swiftor your welcome

  13. TacoBro02 says:

    Hey swiftor what is you're twitch name thing?

  14. Dirty Rat says:

    Dude, Swiftor can you start playing Michael Myers every once in a while, again that was awesome and I love it, it's funny as crap.

  15. J Serna says:

    He's playing on PS4. I will now leave my dislike and exit the video.

  16. MistaWierd says:

    What are those glasses called

  17. Do more bullet 2 da chin

  18. Swiftor why not set a like goal for us it would be easier for us. And you too so you wont have to make little show skits before you video's

  19. Lukas Down says:

    Border patrol is epic!!! 🙂

  20. Swiftor+Awesomeness=Swiftor

  21. SHaLe says:

    I have a all Call of Duty channel, would appreciate any support too! Lets help each other

  22. clay bomia says:

    swiftor you're so great lol

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