Building a HITMAN SHOP for RUST PLAYERS – Rust Shop Roleplay (Part 1/2)



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In today’s Rust shop roleplay video, we created a Hitman shop where Rust players pay us to eliminate their targets. In this first episode, we focus on building the main base and looking for neighbors to ally with. Enjoy the video!

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34 Replies to “Building a HITMAN SHOP for RUST PLAYERS – Rust Shop Roleplay (Part 1/2)”

  1. kevin Yin says:

    "show my rock to the world…" he threw it. everyone see it

  2. shades2 says:

    "Rust Academy is Trash!" lol … This is some next-level roleplaying right there too..

  3. Zedig says:

    wow that's cool

  4. ball sacks says:

    I like "why the fuck is runescape open" lol

  5. Aqua says:

    Loving the runescape 0:40

  6. i left a like only because the runescape music 🙂

  7. Charkel says:

    That RS music tho

  8. To be honest I got hooked to that first part now I’m going to watch pt 2

  9. Big shout out for using some Runescape music!

  10. Mark Jenkins says:

    Lol the RS music is on point.

  11. Alluz says:

    What server is that? btw that base looks sick as fuck

  12. 8:10 woah… whatta bunch of salty bitches

  13. Sara Mimi says:

    7:55 so many crying babes on this game lol

  14. "You killed us and we were nakeds". "So now we come talk shit to you and kill you" I swear this game is toxic af

  15. SCP 2384 says:

    I love the music in the background at the start it reminds me of Runescape love that game 😀

  16. DUNDUNDUNDUN you dont see me DODODOOOOO

  17. FBI Agent says:

    Rust academy is trash well no shit Sherlock holmes

  18. Rajitha NM says:

    i liked for the rock scene fr bro love the edit <3

  19. Rajitha NM says:

    show my rock to the wrold XD
    ME: throws the rock into the air

  20. I was still watching and I left a like

  21. Did he play fucking Icky Thump at the beginning?

  22. Bobby Black says:

    Liked for Runescape music.

  23. The runescape music. Lmao

  24. "I'm gonna hide behind this rock here!"
    Proceeds to literally jump on top of rock

  25. TI Bayonex says:

    I got really confused at the beginning because I was playing RuneScape while watching this video so I thought my music just turned itself on.

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