Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign Walkthrough Part 8 – Satellite Dish Aggression


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30 Replies to “Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Remastered Campaign Walkthrough Part 8 – Satellite Dish Aggression”

  1. i like how they all crawl TOWARDS the nuke after it went off

  2. DJ MX says:

    No one can survive Nuclear Fallout, its better to die in the initial blast.

  3. Hay Seamus. this was mentioned in MW2. "Five years ago… I lost 30 thousand men in the blink of an eye… and the world just F*cking watched!"

  4. Link10103 says:

    Wow, they completely overhauled the nuclear detonation.

    With how well that was done, I would be really fucking hyped to see Second Sun from Mw2 redone but like as a full cinematic scene.

  5. man i remember when i played this mission the first time and then the nuke dropped i was in awe

  6. the fact that they added some other soldiers surviving with you in that aftermath makes it even more depressing that it was in the other version.

  7. The reveal of the nuke up to the explosion was so damn intense. Then the aftermath mission. COD4 had such a good story.

  8. Erik Anger says:

    The real life mk19 doesn't over heat.

  9. Quinten says:

    Omg i love the playthrough, i am really looking forward to the next episodes! Also would love to see you play some multiiplayer but we all know that the rage is going to be real with the fun noobtubes :p

  10. "There's probably guys spawning in the closet cause they're fucking assholes" unintentional gay joke that made me lol

  11. parasti says:

    Damn, I remember this map from when Seamus did COD multiplayer.

  12. Joey Thomas says:

    "Oh, that's a plant, that's not a guy." – Seamoose 2K16

  13. he should've played veteran

  14. CT3LA says:

    Watching this mission was kinda hard because I kept thinking about how it ended…

  15. ha Seal Team Six!! yes!!

  16. Reminds me of Black Hawk Down

  17. Bobmaster20 says:

    Huh, according to TvTropes, Jackson wasn't grabbing on to the other guy as the helicopter went down in the original. In the original, Jackson just hangs for dear life and sees the guy fly out.

  18. Lykken says:

    Thank you Seamus for not making the nuke part a cliff hanger lol.

  19. ExoticNalgas says:

    The G3 is meant to have a small capacity because it's a Battle Rifle and it's good for sniping not close quarters. But, there is bigger and better magazines there's a 50 drum and a 30 extended

  20. Zinnq says:

    I just now realized that the part where you pick up the pilot that is a mw2 mp map! It's Invasion!

  21. Shock and Awe is one of the coolest levels in a singleplayer fps imo.

  22. FrozenCore84 says:

    Shot that innocent plant. No need to turn this into garden warfare, Seamus.

  23. SoulessMC says:

    What happened to Cobra Pilot ??

  24. Never played Modern Warfare, but I had no idea that the nuke part of the story was this close to the beginning of the game. I thought it was a late act thing. How many hours in to the game is this? 2? That is sooner than expected.

  25. agidyne967 says:

    I think that sniper on the third floor might have been me. It's not my fault the enemy keeps coming into the sights of my rifle XD

  26. jabony says:

    Not a fan of cod only a little on bo1 but watching this makes me want to play this.

  27. SnowerVeno says:

    Damn, I remember the aftermath section. Still pretty depressing.

  28. Jojo says:

    When were you when jackson is kill?

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