Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Character Customization! Tons of Loot Items! (COD Multiplayer)


Call Of Duty

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In this video we will be exploring some of the character customization options in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It’s absolutely insane everything you can do!

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33 Replies to “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Character Customization! Tons of Loot Items! (COD Multiplayer)”

  1. Can you use character customization on the ps3

  2. wow, thx for the video really helpful

  3. xsw2703 says:

    I love your videos

  4. YAA RASPUTIN says:

    Kinda reminds me of halo reach customization

  5. Biggie Kid says:

    Is there like a bucket hat, or a boonie hat

  6. Rob Nieves says:

    I feel like this guy is being sarcastic. Although previous games didn't let you customize your character at all. But millions of options? Lets be real here. Obviously he's upselling this game. I wonder if the women get the same treatment. Same clothing options ext.

  7. I'm just waiting for some feminist to complain about the fact that there are only 3 faces for women but 5 for men… XD

  8. ThaTrdMrK18 says:

    How many characters can you create

  9. koolerpure says:

    its too bad this game is loaded with campers and cry baby  try hards

  10. How do i get the face menu up? I cant change my dudes face from black and its kinda awkward cuz im like super white lol

  11. Is there anything that resembles the Marine Helmet and mask from the 1st mission?

  12. ThatGuyRyan says:

    Can you make him look like the Marines?

  13. Unknown User says:

    How do you customize your character???????

  14. David Fender says:

    Looking for help on getting the zombie skin. Add me if you have riot. My gamer tag is Grant2054

  15. Blake Garza says:

    Yeh this customization is bs you don't even look like that during battle like wtf.

  16. Edouard M says:

    Does anyone know why the customization won't apply when playing the game..? Only shows in the virtual loby

  17. PK Giygas says:

    Omg he scared me when he said BILLIONS 0:18

  18. N Okafor says:

    Does anyone notice that no matter what you switch your customization to, they change it to whatever they want?

  19. Gulliguwop says:

    Does anyone know if there is split-screen up to 4 players for Xbox or psn?

  20. The graphics are insane! 100%, beast! snipe! tea he!

  21. Pierce says:

    They should bring back 3rd person if youvwant to see your charater in game…

  22. Robert Adams says:

    it doesnt show up in multiplayer so whats the fucking point… useless feature

  23. mohumed mbia says:

    Can you make your player look like a civilian? I was thinking of going Jason Bourne and kill stealth style with knifes and pistols.

  24. ill be mexican so i can glitch out of the border…

  25. Pre-order now for the rainbow pants and more than two options of each clothing. Get the season pass for £999

  26. i haven't been a fan of cod for a while but i need new pants now…

  27. I just hope that i won't take too long just to unlock a decent helmet . 

  28. Gleaming Gem says:

    can you make multiple characters?

  29. Only 3 female options and 5 male..hmmmmmmm…..

  30. Jesse Sess says:

    i feel like all cod games say they are going to have like cool customization yet I'm always disappointed. not getting my hopes up

  31. DJ Joinho says:

    But do the extra customizations also have different functions?

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