Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PAINTBALL MODE, ZOMBIES, DNA BOMB, + GUN CAMOS! (BO2)


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Paintball Mode, Zombies, DNA Bomb, Gun Camos + More! (BO2) Sub for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombies Updates, Multiplayer Gameplay, Sniping, Trickshotting, FFA Gameplay, and Quickscoping! Expect lots of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare News, and Reveal Trailer Coverage until then! Subscribe to never miss a video!

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38 Replies to “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PAINTBALL MODE, ZOMBIES, DNA BOMB, + GUN CAMOS! (BO2)”

  1. i have world at war and its 2016 when you kill sombody at the corner of one of the map the person glich out ??

  2. StickyVenom says:

    Wow he is good at sniping

  3. Laina Barner says:

    my. gamer tag. is. anxious. raptor

  4. Zenqy says:

    Hey I'm a huge fan of yours and I just been wondering where you've been I mean I know you have a job and stuff but can you just post a video as like a check up so we can see what / how your doing

  5. That quad is amazing at4:46

  6. That quad feed is amazing at the end

  7. HerpyHD says:


  8. ihatewheezi says:

    "violent for some people"  uhuh.

  9. Nick Leith says:

    I would love to be able to increase the Gore. Especially be interested to see what they'd do for grenades C4 etc.

  10. Alec says:

    This is great nine keep it up

  11. That intro doe gg nine ????

  12. Bozie Zedro says:

    2:28   I never thought of it before but right before you said it i was thinking of that too I have actually used it in game and its pretty cool

  13. sam mathews says:

    it would be funny if there was a paintball gore mode

  14. ➊ HUSAM says:


  15. oaĸι says:

    The paintball mode does only change the texture of blood. even if you hit a wall you can't see some new effects.(on ps3)

  16. Emerge Okzii says:

    Keep up the good work

  17. George Jung says:

    I worked for Sledgehammer…Zombie mode will take days of playing to unlock…thanks in advance!

  18. Dylan Sartin says:

    9 ur late Ali a and other popular you tubers are already uploading gameplay and Ali a already found zombies, i love ya man but ur late and ur not posting that many vids. Ali a also showed the Dna bomb

  19. TG stony says:

    i like to see cod aw sniping tips,triks..

  20. iHc JaMeS says:

    People have beaten it Ali-A beat it and posted it yesterday go check it out

  21. Ace360x .MLG says:

    Nice way to decide 🙂

  22. sean says:

    So you have to complete 100 rounds of survival to get a 3 minute mission/ cutscene? I'm honestly surprised it's not a 14.99 DLC at this point

  23. Bear-In-Mind says:

    Dude zombies are confermed watch ali a

  24. Whyumadbroo says:

    Ur game play sucks and ur information is gay

  25. JayBee says:

    Ahh I remember decapitating the scrubs with a trench gun on waw

  26. sladey31 says:

    I'll probably play until I get quick scoped then I'll put it on the fail pile with the rest of them

  27. PwopSullay says:

    I'm really disappointed with the failure to make a zombie mode again this year. We can guess and say "possibilities" of a zombie mode being unlocked through the game, but let's be real: SledgeHammer would never directly steal the zombie mode from TreyArch. I bought Ghosts hoping that extinction would be the zombie mode we've dreamed of but it let down. Naturally, I sold it. This year I'm not getting COD on day one for the first time in years, and considering I have COD3 all the way up to Ghosts until I sold it, I know my shit when it comes to COD. This year's game can only be saved if it plays like it's sequel to Titanfall. Otherwise, its going to flop like Ghosts did and kill the franchise unless Treyarch saves everything with zombies next year. The Preteen fanboys whose mom's will force them to play on paintball mode will likely deny what I'm saying, but trust me that's how its going to happen.  

  28. Jawz says:

    Thank you for all the very useful information <3

  29. Nick Meurers says:

    Already got AW lol 😀

  30. When the add showed, I got an add about COD AW… The sound quality of the characters was the worst I have ever heard.

  31. Kobe ShoK says:

    And the exo survival is u with weapons and a box where u can get weapons from and the enemy is a rookie player with weapons and u get 2 token for a round.

  32. Kobe ShoK says:

    I got the game already but there's no paint ball mode

  33. AmineAmra says:

    Why dont you try to snipe in Team Fortress 2?

  34. Sphiver Vick says:

    I think this "extra" game mode is not going to happen, but the zombies bonus wave would be the ULTIMATE easter egg. And it would not only entice the number of people to play AW, but also help rank up zombie hype for 2015 zombies. 

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