Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 "Not My Fault!" MP7 Live w/HostileAE (COD BO2 Gameplay) #6


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 “Not My Fault!” MP7 Live w/HostileAE (COD BO2 Gameplay) #6

Hey guys I really hope you enjoyed today’s video me using the MP7 on black ops 2 playing some Free For All and I just had some fun in this game but the Q&A video will come on the 30th so be on the look out for that and I hope you guys have some good questions for me 🙂 anyway’s I really can’t wait for call of duty Advanced Warfare to come but, only a few month’s to go.

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6 Replies to “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 "Not My Fault!" MP7 Live w/HostileAE (COD BO2 Gameplay) #6”

  1. Volky says:

    25-12-2014 im getting Xbox one but I need to take good grates on school also keep up The great vids and im home finaly but im just gonna be on Ytub on The weekend cause I need to study im on 9 year of school I have exams

  2. Prank Tv says:

    Dude we should play!

  3. Will Burke says:

    @HostileAESeriously though i would love to see you get to last and trickshot on ffa on bo2, would make for an entertaining video bearing in mind the quality of your trickshots… btw did i tell you i`m not bad at trickshotting anymore… you could check it out on my channel or on Pulse`s main channel in the future, if you wanted to!

  4. HostileAE says:

    Hey guys, hope you enjoyed and for the HostileQ&A video will be extended to the 30th so if you have any question be sure to put HostileQ&A first 🙂

  5. Will Burke says:

    Embrace the sniping! lol

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