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Call Of Duty

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New Black Ops 2 tips! Top 10 Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer tips! Call of Duty Top 10 weapons, kills, deaths, and Call of Duty Top Ten (10) Moments soon HD! Watch how to play Call of Duty (COD) Black Ops 2 multiplayer tips & tricks gameplay video NEW, TODAY w/ BLOPS 2 multiplayer gameplay 4 Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC video game consoles. These Call of Duty Black Ops 2 tips with gameplay commentary will help you succeed in the online multiplayer whether you are playing in…

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  1. Alvin Jones says:

    Dominos >papa johns

  2. They are good but the most important is to always be aiming when coming into a new area so you don't meet up with an enemy face to face and have a old west gun battle where you're trying to draw your weapon faster, if you do this you're already drawn . But don't hold your aim, tap it then move your view quickly and back to aim then scan again until you neutralize your enemy or clear a area.

  3. Thank you so much! Hopefully this helps me defeat my bro! (Since im a beginner)

  4. were the hell is prefire and dont sprint around corners

  5. Where is put your button layout on tactical…

  6. You are the guy my mother has warned me about on COD. The player who kills you every 0.5 seconds XD

  7. Im looking for something not so basic…this is what we allready know

  8. first off that's not an iron sight that's a reflex sight with no customization. 2nd you'll almost never get to knife a room full of guys its best to just switch to your secondary. 3rd off if you pay attention u don't need to go prone when you reload.

  9. boaz says:

    finnally an explination every man understands!

  10. Hey!!! I got 14 kills today 🙁

  11. im gating call of duty black ops 2

  12. My best gun in Call Of Duty is the Skorpien EVO! It has the highest rate of fire in it's class and has the most moderate recoil! And I have the bonus map. It's called "Turbine". My best mode is "Free-For-All, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Capture The Flag"! I love Call Of Duty!

  13. People complaining about him using rds, he probably means use the sights like actually use them to help your accuracy. Not just run around hipfiring.

  14. When I play this game I play smart and I'm a pro at search and destroy and team death match

  15. AVFL says:

    This is how to become worst fr high sensitivities and no toughness are goals to die

  16. Tyler Cambre says:

    yep always look at ur mini map so that guy with ghost comes out of nowhere with a shotgun n blows the fuck out of u youll be prepared pfft rookie


  18. GregTGM says:

    I know 80% of dis

  19. Kazumi says:

    Your tip about swapping to your Secondary isn't very useful. Some classes are better off without a secondary, and Secondary weapons are Secondary for a reason; they lack significantly in power and/or fire rate, so a smart and efficient enemy should be able to kill you using their Primary weapon, even if you got the first shot off.

  20. Marissa M says:

    Good vid bro. Keep it up

  21. KezexX says:

    WTF Wii U gameplay??

  22. Salty Games says:

    Also manly am for the head?

  23. these tips are good but im so inaccurate and i have reflexes like a dead horse

  24. Mack says:

    I luv how he says soldier

  25. Maplebaconz says:

    2:22 nice cut before you died, bro

  26. Most importantly, enemy location anticipation. When exiting cover, start shooting as you turn the corner, but only do so in very close quarters. How many players have been eliminated by your team, how many remaining, where your team mates are at all times so that you can predict the spawn points. NEVER EVER stick together on a map, meaning keep a healthy distance, position rotation among players, when one of you dies, take over the position, allow the player who respawns to recover position, only THAN remain your original post. NEVER RUSH across the map!!! NEVER!! Fight on your turf, let them come to you, I don't mean camping, I mean let them rush, reason, they are sprinting, time to adjust aim after sprint is fraction slower, so if they are coming to you, you are using walking pace thus faster adjustment /aim. Learn to shoot at the upper body and head, less bullets, quicker kill..less reloading. Each players must be proficient with an assault rifle, but always have 1 or two players specializing with a sniper. Perfect flanking and hammer strategy, use ton of covering fire when team mates closing position. Do not throw grenades randomly, use them once 3 players have been eliminated and wait until they cross half of the map. Knowing the maps is crucial of course but more so observing which cover points are used a lot so to know where to aim. The most important skill of all is motor skills exercises, what I mean is hand eye coordination and exercising your reflexes…getting that muscle memory working. No energy drinks when playing, you sweat more, heart rate increases and it fucks with your aim, recovery and adjustment.

  27. Is this dude Open World Game's brother or something? He sounds just like him.

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