Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Sucks Rant.


Call Of Duty

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COD is dead. Incoming butthurt fanboys lol Call of Duty Fanboys are pathetic.

46 Replies to “Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 Sucks Rant.”

  1. The game is garbage the constant wall running double jumping sliding got out of control like kids with fucking ADHD that need a fucking retlen shot get mw instead black ops 4 looks like crap too fuck battle royale

  2. This game is weak in the series

  3. 🤣🤣🤣
    0:20 to 0:29 looool sub zero chilling at my house

  4. Nick T says:

    COD hasn't been the same since Titanfall…):

  5. #best one says:

    First person shooters suck

  6. #best one says:

    Call of duty always sucks

  7. Bongo Boop says:

    Cod bo3 really does suck

  8. STR1VER7777 says:

    I was looking into this today (2018) and I have discovered that most of the problems are because of ‘lag compensation’. There are, obviously, waaaay more problems that aren’t related but the main problem is the lag compensation that designed for the game (first cod game that uses this) which is why I rate this along with infinite and advanced. Everything they could do to a good call of duty to make it shit was how they ended up with this bo3. I played the other day and shot someone in the face 3 times and got 3 hit markers but then died. After watching it back using the record video feature of my PS4 you could clearly see I t them at least 2 times in the face and the first shot hit there shoulder (which means they should be dead) yet on the ‘theatre’ mode used on the game it showed my crosshairs were not over the person head even though they were in the match and on the video recorded on my PS4 so lag is obviously present but not apparent. This was because of the lag compensator designed to hide the lag. So it’s still there but you just cannot tell. That is why you shouldn’t even bother playing it at all. Besides from people using fucking scuffs. It is the worst call of duty of them all because of this and many many other reasons.

  9. tiger38 says:

    It's all patched now , but yeah . The connection issues are bad

  10. devin George says:

    WW2 looks like a masterpiece compared to this

  11. I never like how you fucking have to have internet to play some games now a days fuck that shit if I want internet I will use my damn phone

  12. Rokko says:

    Is the zombies mode good?

  13. Hypeshot says:

    The game sucks now… fucking dlc weapons ruin it

  14. Don't forget the sound design, truly a work of a ten year old.

  15. Superangel says:

    Hate this game a lot in my life…..

  16. Superangel says:

    Hope no body gonna buy game like this again just feel like want my money back it’s very shit game we should not buy before just let they shit game can’t sale

  17. I don’t like how the guns are made up guns it destroys the purpose of buying a war game if the guns are like halo guns the game sucks and I will make my rant soon I want this to be realistic not futuristic

  18. Call of duty is turning into halo

  19. Breezens says:

    Though you can’t blame the beta you can blame the microtransactions

  20. the best gameplay with good graphics is with the PS4 pro

  21. u hate it probably because u suck at it or your console has a type of problem now the game is out enjoy!

  22. I used to really despise the multiplayer aspect on this game, until a few days ago I forced myself to play it for achievements. Needless to say I'm pleasantly surprised for a jetpack COD, I'm boasting a 2.7 KD so far. I don't think the game itself is bad but our judgment is clouded by how good the older CODs were. This game isn't bad in its own right it just doesn't hold a candle to any COD 2013 and prior imo. This one is easily the best out of the 3 jetpack cods.

  23. Nigga says:

    The beta on Xbox one was trash the actual game👏🏿👏🏿

  24. Bret Thrower says:

    Advanced warfare and ghost is better than this shit game. I'd rather play BF than call of duty but occasionally I love me some ghost and aw sessions

  25. Mdog5 says:

    Hit detection is bad because it’s on Xbox one. I respect your opinion even though I like the game. You shouldn’t have as many dislikes.

  26. Razorback? Fuck no its all xmc users.

  27. Haymaker 5 times to the head. Haha i hear ya.

  28. Lets make a game and add sky made for noobs. Imagine how bad people would be if sky jumping wasnt involved

  29. Laufield says:

    I hate boost jumping and the futuristic. Black Ops 3 sucks!

  30. Exe.Azukai says:

    This Is The Beta 2nd Xbox Is Trash 3rd You Make The Same Video For Every Cod Go Play Avatar Warfare 4th This Game Almost Outsold MW3 And That Was A Great Game 5th You Hate Futuristic Just Go Back Play The Old Games Turn On Your Xbox or Play Something Else And Stop Making Rants You're Doing It For Attention

  31. Andy R says:

    This game is trash

  32. TGSGAMER360 says:

    how dare u say bo3 is dumb u are stupid unsubscribing and unliking

  33. mdp9402 says:

    Bo3 is very good but I think the beta was very bad

  34. JJTheBigDog says:

    i have this game on my ps4 disk since months, and i'm not at all motivated to finish it ever. i also have cod ghosts and infinite warfare – both of them have in my opinion decent or even great single player campaigns (multiplayer is not so good in both of them). cod bo3 however is a whole different story. it's the worst shooter i ever spent money on. already the gun-sounds are absolutely ridiculous. one thing however i completly cannot understand is, the general aversion against a futuristic scenario. imo infinite warfare single player was great! when you're a bit older (i'm 32), you don't necessarely want to storm up omaha beach, or fight in stalingrad for the 10th time, with nothing more then some improved graphics.

  35. MARNY says:


  36. His imitation of a young fanboy is hilarious.

  37. Lord Vader says:

    There's been rumors Infinity Ward's CoD game of 2016 will be in the far future and set in space smh. There's also been rumors if you pre-order the game you'll get remastered versions of CoD4 and MW2. If that rumor is true, I'll literally buy it just for CoD4 and MW2 and not give a fuck about the space CoD which will be shit anyway. Lmfao

  38. i said the exact same thing and the amount of hate i got and it carried over to the real game its shit

  39. Ali Akbar says:

    yo seriously play battlefield

  40. Ali Akbar says:

    I hate it my friend loves it

  41. Tanor Buck says:

    maybe it's cause your on xbox

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