Call of Duty – Black Ops 4 – E3 Coverage


Call Of Duty

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I get hands on @ E3 playing Black Ops 4 – Or is it Black Ops IIII?

Yes, I know, this was filmed months ago, it never got turned into a video, so here it is! Hopefully some of you find this interesting.

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Note: The first half of this video were voiced over in early Sept 2018, the rest was voiced…

29 Replies to “Call of Duty – Black Ops 4 – E3 Coverage”

  1. Tech Deals says:

    Hey everyone… this is a belated video, but hey, I’m just fashionably late! Might as well use it, working on the new filming studio today, so enjoy this video on E3!

  2. roller_47 says:

    Ah yes, Call of Duty, re-branding the same game since Modern Warfare in 2007.

  3. G GG says:

    Always like the historic-themed Call of Duty’s,the modern themes are nice,but don’t replay for me.Same goes with the Battlefield’s as well.But watch benchmarks,as the engines will turn up in other games i WILL play.middle of the video,now go watch the rest! 😉 cheers,man!

  4. we know u have 'just works' sweets and we are waiting them!

  5. I need Tech echo in my home!

  6. TechnoFreak says:

    THE PROBLEM WITH COD IS that IT DOESN'T LOOK REAL, battlefield looks so much real

  7. Diamond says:

    Battlefield 10

  8. AC x M says:

    well it runs really well on old hardware

  9. Stroh Huerde says:

    Man, I love your voice. It is just like from that one uncle, that tells the coolest stories and everybody loves. Its so pleasant. Just like your videos! Keep on being great, greetings from Germany!

  10. Ooooooooooooooo Cyber Monday is so close, can't wait!!!!! Bouta cop me some stuff for my pc

  11. EdmundoNieto says:

    What is the best gaming laptop, that I can buy with $ 2000

  12. Tony Plourde says:

    Negative, I'm passing on this one. I thought they were going back to their roots. That was a lie.

  13. We are still waiting rtx 280 and 280ti♡

  14. Valky Wolve says:

    Now that's the face of a legend.

  15. I am happy call of duty black opps 4….✌✌✌✌✌

  16. ChisponGroxo says:

    Black Ops IIII it's an awful title, gj Activision.

  17. I feel like this video was meant to go up a bit while ago lol

  18. MushinNoshin says:

    Bo3 and 4 looks like 2009…. bo1 and 2 was epic….. I hate this era.

  19. konsoftware says:

    Will the Acer Predator Helios laptop review be filmed at the new location?

  20. I'm just waiting for Black Ops llllllllllll to come out!

  21. Thank god no world of warships !

  22. Congrats for 320k subs. In advance

  23. Andy Raman says:

    Happy ? to see you there can't wait to for the latest

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