Call of Duty Black Ops Campaign Walkthrough HD Episode 3: Familiar Face


Call Of Duty

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At it again

25 Replies to “Call of Duty Black Ops Campaign Walkthrough HD Episode 3: Familiar Face”

  1. Mr. Welsh says:

    you shot a guy in the balls

  2. PS3 GamingYT says:

    Treyarch or Infinityward??

  3. Could Vorkuta be moon from zombies
    because the giant saw blade

  4. CamABeast3 says:

    All the steps are from origins

  5. YungRussian says:

    LOL the Jolly Russian Giant

  6. StrikerMX50 says:

    The steps they said was seriously exactly what Samantha said in origins.

  7. StrikerMX50 says:

    2:16 exactly what Samantha says in origins.

  8. Reznovz dead he isn't alive he's in your head

  9. decm73 says:

    Dude it's black ops

  10. this one or mw2 or ghosts

  11. Its Emojii says:

    In 20 days my bday I gotta choose a call of duty twitch one….??????

  12. LPJ2SG1 says:

    due to physics you rip the stabilzing wing from the helicopter and it would spiral out of control. However in real life the Hind which is what that heli was would drop the other wing and us the nose mounted minnigun to get it out of trouble.

  13. Tj Doss says:

    You know when you killed castro's double you killed his real wife

  14. Roronoa Zoro says:

    indeed so does black ops 2 with black ops, you know woods,a.mason,…

  15. harpooning a helecopter would work

  16. wait that message ascend from darkness could that potentialy have a connection with our zombie story history?????

  17. great job ther mister wiki!

  18. Mack kid says:

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  19. Mack kid says:

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  20. Mack kid says:

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  21. Jorge Leon says:

    reznov is from cod world at war, so all the threyarch games have atleast 1 connection

  22. Jan Holdinar says:

    and this was 2010 he can obliviate you in 2013

  23. Jan Holdinar says:

    who cares your better

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