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Here is a game of me running my ghost class. I have tried multiple combinations and I tend to run the best with this setup. It is just the write mix of offense and defense for my play style. If you have any suggestions or tips leave a comment. I’ll be putting up another gameplay to music, probably rap. If you have any requests for a song leave them in the comment section. Thanks for all the support on the other videos

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  1. @TyeWatson yeah, I just don't do very well with them. They're not like MW2 or even MW3 secondaries

  2. Ocarinacraft says:

    The secondaries don't suck, people just suck at using them. I've been in many situations where an asp beat a death machine, lmg's or those stupid famas's

  3. @Yoyoiscraig yeah, it's pretty good if you use it right

  4. @Actionpwnerful thank you, and thanks for watching

  5. @DaanSniper cool, I like that setup too

  6. _TheDominik_ says:

    I like your video. great gameplay

  7. @venom7193 Dual mags gets you extra ammo while the pro effect of scavenger give you full starting ammo already. I just think that using dual mags with scavenger wastes the extra ammo part and if you really want faster reload, just use sleight of hand

  8. @justincase04 Trust Bro Ak47/Commando with Dual Mag Scavenger pro and SLEIGHT OF HAND PRO is usually more useful than extended mags….. But then again our playing style might be different so you have a point 😀

  9. @TheOpticSnip3R I think 5 on black ops but I also use those FPS Freek stick extenders

  10. @venom7193 extended mags is good with scavenger is good. Dual mags isn't as good because the extra ammo bonus is wasted

  11. try using ak47 extended mags or dual mag with scavenger pro and sleight of hand pro 😀

  12. @Darkside780 yeah, galil is pretty good I've found out

  13. @Th3Winner1 try to get good using the iron sights on the FAMAS. If you do, you'll be able to use other useful attachments

  14. @Th3Winner1 yeah, just keep playing and get to know the maps. You'll do better

  15. oh and i LOVE the commando and the FAMAS i wanna get the FAAMS red dot then i wanna get commando red dot lol nice using the commando

  16. I wanna get ghost pro but im only a begginerim only ten andi play for my friend he stop playin multi playerat lvl 16 but we only visit him on week ends anow he id lvl 19 me and my bro helped hi a lot and we only visit him like 1 time in 2 weeks lol

  17. @TheAnikan1042 I like the pro perk of being able to aim fast as well

  18. @jpsemperfi haha, you know what? When I made this video only about 10 people were watching them. I don't know why this video has so many views

  19. @A13xWi11it5 yeah, that is a good idea. I'm just so impatient and aggressive. It seem when I run hacker that I have to keep slowing down. I usually use hacker on three-burst weapons or the FAL since the idea is to "not" get close to them

  20. @ballhard006 thanks, I think ghost is much more effective when on the move. If you're stationary, I'll probably find you

  21. @SupKidGtfo haha, yeah. I ended up gettnig used to the iron sight. I just don't like using a sight on a gun. I feel like it's a waste of an attachment. The only guns I use sights on are the FAL and M16

  22. @SsSOmusaEgurai Thank you for watching and your positive comment. I like the shotguns as well. If you checkout my channel, you will see that is one of my most used weapons. Yeah, I don't really like using ghost, but if I'm on a team that does not shoot down air support, I almost always have to use it because the air support always goes after me.

  23. @pvtmedina05 I may try it out. I just use sleight of hand on everything. It's one of the best perks in the game especially with the pro part of the perk.

  24. @pvtmedina05 I think rushers equipped with ghost are far more effective and more difficult to deal with than campers equipped with ghost

  25. Levi Fehring says:

    @pvtmedina05 Doesn't everyone?

  26. @odan360 no, I'm using a Hauppauge HD PVR. You're welcome for the class. My latest video uses the same class. Thanks for checking the video out and leaving a comment.

  27. @S1ZZL3 you could try watching any other video I put up?

  28. Wrence T says:

    ghost is for pussies, prove me wrong..

  29. @Luis99733 I think I accidentally hit the b button in playback and it took the HUD away.

  30. xLuiis S says:

    hey in the 2:21 to 3:50 where is your mini map?

  31. @QcmpTV I feel the same way. I have to use the AK47 right now, because I'm not that high of a level right now. The commando irons are nice and I like the way it reloads just like the scar.

  32. @Portagula yes, I may have said it wrong in the video. I meant that if you have two rockets, you can take down any air support

  33. @crackdownninja9 thanks, I'm glad you were able to take something away from it. I want to be able to help those that are new at the game, so checkout the other videos when you get a chance.

  34. Portagula says:

    nice nice but gun ship is 1 flare isnt it? cause everytime i use it it seams its 1

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