Call of Duty: Collateral Montage (Read Description)


Call Of Duty

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Collateral Only Mini Tage

This was just a little mini tage i made with a bunch of extra collateral clips i had on my hard drive

All these clips were from the last couple weeks

As you might notice i have several different accounts that i play on

Trust me im still saving the good clips for my first real montage, im still working on it, will prolly be a while tho cuz i want it to be good

35 Replies to “Call of Duty: Collateral Montage (Read Description)”

  1. X. R says:

    Am I the only one who didn't read the description?

  2. this is cancerous hissssss

  3. anything that's nit a triple collar is not useable man

  4. Herp Tim says:

    Lens flare check
    Dat sniper with strange sounds check
    Montage check
    Montage parody PARODY check

  5. facu garci says:

    El juego es el MW2 o MW3?

  6. Air Zeus says:

    Check out my shotgun collateral montage


  7. NoDimSimForU says:

    Lol got my first collat today ­čÖé

  8. I got a collateral and both kills were head shots

  9. seus gringo idiota punheteiros

  10. isaacelite says:

    I don't care I play COD for fun I am terrible at it but I have fun so when I got a collateral I got hyped just let me enjoy the moment don't be a douchebag!

  11. Wion says:

    Dude! its 2013, the standard have raised. a collat is normal

  12. isaacelite says:

    I got my first collateral today I got super hyped!

  13. Nice check out my channel and tell me if its good, i just started

  14. Nice vid! U should check out my collateral montage

  15. Kevin Yepez says:

    and xXsicsXx is boring

  16. Kevin Yepez says:

    That was pretty awesome

  17. xXSicsXx says:

    its borring. the song is borring, the kill are borring and stolen and hardscope is borring. dislike!

  18. madgamer099 says:

    excellent double penetration technique whoismiked

  19. thermal scope and barret 4ever!!!!!

  20. Jack Meeks says:

    these clips are from the last couple of weeks? im lucky to get one collateral in a month

  21. Walking Lick says:


  22. the songs called – Hide And Seek – Mt Eden Dubstep.

  23. F4L1995 says:

    the triple collateral was fucking nice… i love collaterals

  24. GENESIS2789 says:

    thumbs up if progley brought you here

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