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My call of Duty games ranked best to worst, this is my COD tier list.




  1. rod 1 says:

    Bo4 killstreaks garbage?? Did u ever got an sniper nest or control a mantis? Or the chopper? Mmm i think not , otherwise you wouldn say are garbage , knowing how bad you are probably you get uav and the lil c4 cart at most thats why you say that ,i would put bo4 on B becouse of the annoying speciallist and microtransactions crap

  2. I only played bo3 for about a week then deleted it BO1 is my favorite it was the 1st cod I played

  3. FaDe_Danny says:

    A good cod
    No supply crates
    No exo double jump
    Boots on ground
    Terminal of course
    Tac inserts respawn flair
    Bad game chat audio 🙂
    No COD points
    Forced s&d game chat audio
    Final killcam
    insta swaps
    Good maps
    Balanced guns
    Max 14 sensitivity
    If I missed anything let me know I'll update this.

  4. Honestly people need to quit completely hating on infinite warfare without actually looking what it did. Sure it was another space, exo suit cod but it didn’t have the bullshit of bo3, did have specialists but not as bad supply drops because they didn’t put the weapons inside, only variants which didn’t matter much and didn’t deceive people like ww2. It had a great season pass where it gave out all the weapons UNLIKE BO3. Sure the gameplay people may not like, fair enough but the campaign was arguably great to a lot of people and the zombies, well personally my favourite better than treyarch because it doesn’t take itself seriously and the Easter eggs are actually fun and not insane (except for a couple maps) it also had good contracts that kept you playing and had even more contracts for zombies. This is coming from someone who mostly hated the exo movement and loved all the good classics cods like mw2, bo1, bo2 waw, mw3 and put years of my life into those games. (except cod4, personally never liked it.. fight me lol)

  5. Xcalibur says:

    The only things I disagree with are cod ww2 being in C, I think it deserves a B, and cod 4 in SS, easy.

  6. Could tell this is a blind bandwagon hater content when I heard Infinite Warfare's reasons of putting it in trash.

  7. I liked Ghosts and BO2. great upload.

  8. Vinman 1 says:

    the list is spot on but iw was underrated af and was top tier has best advanced movement system lots of guns and spot on bullet reg

  9. SS – BO1, MW2
    S – BO2, MW3, WAW
    A – MW1
    B – BO3
    C – AW, WW2, GHOSTS
    TRASH – IW, BO4

    (on multiplayer)

  10. Speed Racer says:

    BO3 deserves more credit, you even hesitated during your recap so I’m sure you agree…
    BO4 is absolute trash and IDK if treyarch will redeem themselves from it

  11. Mako TRG says:

    We need an actual world wide poll for this lol . Its too much for one to handle

  12. Q G says:

    MW3 and MW2 are the best 2 CODs by far for me. Those 2 games were truly special, masterpieces. Then after that COD 4, BO1 and BO2. Those are the top 5 for sure. The worst are BO3, BO4 and Infinite Warfare.

  13. MW2 sucked tho. As did WAW.

  14. Sam Fisher says:

    Infinite Warfare has been my favourite to date. Having said that I love Modern Warfare series.

  15. Black ops 2 in the S rank WHAT

  16. Matt Parker says:

    Mw2 is the greatest COD game of all time. The pinnacle of the series and unfortunately I don't think we'll ever get those days back. Still miss playing it to this day. Simply cannot understand why it's never been remastered. They would make an absolute fortune but then I suppose no-one would play the latest titles after that lol

  17. Fair enough but bo3 and 2 should be higher aw is not trash

  18. Zac Davis says:

    Agreed, expect Ghost should be higher. But yes IW and AW are trash.

  19. twintron says:

    I imagine simon still pays cassette tapes in an original yellow Sony walkman.! Keep up the content Simon, always good to see a new video pop up.!

  20. Hello Simon. It's me again. God. I may have to smite you down for putting WW2 so low. Scorestreaks couldn't really be too over the top. It was the 40s. My human creations hadn't too much technology then. I agree with all tiers apart from that. Hope your son is doing well. And what is your xbox gamertag?

  21. Great video. Agree with ur choice.

  22. GiZm0 says:

    i'd stick the fucking lot in the trash

  23. I'd put MW3 lower since all it was for me back in the day was headglitching behind a box and aiming at a door, waiting for someone to come through. That was all of my death cams it seemed. Lockdown had the worst headglitches especially in that hallway in the middle of the map. But overall I tend to agree with the list.

  24. Ben Humphris says:

    Lol prestige thinks bo4 is better mw2

  25. Black ops 1 was a very good cod i still play it sometimes

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