Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Playthrough #1 – Rising Threat (PC)


Call Of Duty

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37 Replies to “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Gameplay Playthrough #1 – Rising Threat (PC)”

  1. hey guys, at 2:46 what does it mean by " USE MOVEMENT KEYS TO ADJUST FLIGHT PAD" I used my mouse, i used my direction key on the laptop, but the dude still crashed… i need help guys

  2. BLISTER KING says:

    I am at Venus in call of duty infinite warfare nice video

  3. montgal52 says:

    There is one thing I noticed about this game (maybe with others) and that's the animation (or CGs) regarding the "eyes" of the characters. As you recall, in past games the eyeballs, of the characters, would "stare" into space when the characters interact. Now, it has gotten so much better. If it gets any better, this could put many live-action actors out of business (ok, maybe I am being over dramatic). But I think it is a good development in gaming. Your thoughts.

  4. Damien_bfg says:

    anybody want to gameshare that has infinite warfare windows 10 edition?

  5. Damien_bfg says:

    how do you play this on pc?

  6. Pentium says:

    well im sold. gonna buy this game right now

  7. Franko Rosa says:

    how can I play the game in Dominican Republic. I need to chance something like where I'm really located

  8. Wei Bin Chen says:

    It still not so excited…

  9. Ryan Lewis says:

    Hey bere can u play cod world war 2

  10. Susmoy Roy says:

    what is your cpu configuration pls ans

  11. Crazycraigy says:

    So engrossed with that big bot I never saw u in the corner…

  12. As much as weigh the games

  13. Maliya says:

    I have the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare I beat the whole game

  14. Teri OConnor says:

    i still like advanced warfare

  15. JADEN PERU says:

    Bere ghost. I love ur channel and ur family KEEP UP THE PHENOMENAL WORK!!!!!! ??????????????

  16. Death says:

    you know that is awesome it is the first word

  17. l have this game it very little hard

  18. I have been watching U for yrs on ROBLOX and now U play Infinite Warfare YAY!!!

  19. Chill Bell says:

    who noticed the guy who ws punching bere look like someone off of cod 3

  20. the most realistic 3D shoot´em up for all systems so far is the RESIDENT EVIL 7. The only thing Call of Duty Infinite is better is the graphical details of the levels

  21. CYB3R X7MD7 says:

    does anybody see framerate everywhere ?

  22. Leah Brigham says:

    Lol the look on beregost face win they killed his team and him?????

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