Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Mutiplayer Review & First Impressions Commentary Xbox One


Call Of Duty

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33 Replies to “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Mutiplayer Review & First Impressions Commentary Xbox One”

  1. young capo says:

    this is like black ops 3 but with robots?!

  2. the map that u play on in the video it looks like a map from call of duty moder warfare 3

  3. Add Me On Xbox, My Gamertag Is Miss FluffyBunz

  4. Kelvin 67 says:

    mon gamertag : WarierBacon67

  5. PORSCHE LOVE says:

    if bo2 was a girl and advanced warfare was a boy. this would be their baby.
    – like if you agree-

  6. lxnqtix - says:

    0:19 he said advanced warfare its infinite warfare

  7. NehxHott M says:

    hey wassup i left a like and a sub for you i hope you return and i want3d to ask if you could do a video and or live stream with me so i can gain followers?

  8. cool video bro
    Can I ask
    I wanna buy this for my xbox one and Im in SEA region do you think I can play it well? my internet speed is just 2 mbps

  9. Dada Dum says:

    Like if this COD is worth the buy!!!!

  10. Slip Kid says:

    This video brought me back to 2011

  11. Remember people, this is his opinion

  12. xEliteModz1 says:

    'This is my option on ADVANCED WARFARE" BTW

  13. I like how when titanfall came out this style was still new then everyone did it and it got over saturated so when the second game came out people were just like tired of it

  14. Alex G says:

    Where have you gone. I miss the cod 4 paintball.

  15. Seth Tecsi says:

    you should put background music in your vids

  16. But the game is pay to win because it takes like 100+ hours to unlock a full tier of a gun

  17. Shadow Clips says:

    Fanaly back gawly post more often

  18. Domofun says:

    Wait gawley uploaded what is this witch craft

  19. It's nice you're not giving it flak

  20. He said advanced warfere at the start

  21. NoVa Mystic says:

    Where have you been

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