"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" Walkthrough (#YOLO), Mission 1 – "Rising Threat"


Call Of Duty

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Full walkthrough in (HD + 60FPS) quality of the game “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” (released in 2016). The game was played on #YOLO difficulty. All the scenario scenes and dialogues were included in the video from the intro of the game till the credits at the end, hence the watchers can understand the storyline of the game. Highest graphic parameters were selected in game options for maximal visual game experience. Enjoy watchingratingcommenting the video. Have a nice day.

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27 Replies to “"Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare" Walkthrough (#YOLO), Mission 1 – "Rising Threat"”

  1. I'm waiting for my go to player for COD to play MW remastered.

  2. George K. says:

    Thanks for your CoD walkthrough Zevik.

  3. 丂匚卂尺 says:

    El mejor call of duty a gusto personal

  4. Kelvin Goh says:

    The only thing missing in your walkthrough, is where were the Intel located? Usually you would show us and not to take them.

  5. Nosgard says:

    Strong opening! I don't know much (read: anything) about this game, but I do know that was a poweful opening. Really established the "They are the bad guys, and we gota stop em" and they showed off some new toys nicely! Excited to see your work on this one, Zev! 😀

  6. V4nzo says:

    LOVE your COD videos from Philippines

  7. Kronos 175 says:

    So what is the yolo difficulty?

  8. do you upload is new vidoe ??? I watching… I like this… hury up brother

  9. Welcomes back zevik what u think about this call of duty

  10. i have been waited to long for this

  11. What call of duty is the hardest on highest difficulty

  12. Continious S says:

    Будет ли прохождение Far cry 3,Far cry 4 ,Far cry 5? Как раз по тебе игра и shooter есть и stealth есть!

  13. 12356 says:

    Will you playing assassin's creed syndicate

  14. Thank you zevik but you can play hitman please

  15. Rafsanjani says:

    will you play Hitman 2? i see other youtuber playing that game, and i wonder if you will play that game , that would be very interesting to watch!

  16. Leslie Owens says:

    Who's a better antagonist Irons or Kotch?

  17. You should of did it on specialist instead

  18. Tong Jin says:

    Keep up the good work! BIG FAN here!!!

  19. One of the worst parts in cod series in my opinion. Even John snow and “thenotorious” didn’t help it. Anyway pretty well you handled with this robot on the highest difficulty. Good luck with that)

  20. Mr J says:

    Very good skills
    But 4 day gap between this and part 2 is way too long for a gaming channel.

  21. I been waiting forever for this FINALLY the best gamer playing the worst game. GONNA BE INTERESTING!

  22. #yolo difficulty? How hard is that difficulty level anyway? Like realistic from bo3?

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