Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! (30+ MINUTES)


Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! (30+ MINUTES)
► Infinite Warfare 30 KILLSTREAK! –
COD IW Zombies in Spaceland gameplay – Enjoy!

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35 Replies to “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare ZOMBIES GAMEPLAY! (30+ MINUTES)”

  1. extra stinky says:

    I think the pack a punch is in the portal

  2. lexi graves says:

    I’m here 2 years after this was posted..?

  3. Thin Air says:

    Any body notice that the stage in the intro is the one from bo1

  4. but I already no where the pack a punch is

  5. Man I remember when Ali-A was just a Minecraft YouTuber now that he has 11 million subscribers I don't want to say it but it kind of sucks not a bad way though

  6. is anyone else watching after cod ww2 came out?

  7. Hello Ail a I'm playing infinite warfare zombies it's hard because the clowns they blowup

  8. I love this game but bo1 is better

  9. FENIX YT says:

    In this land in space lande yes exist you know you know the free at over you know the free at over

  10. Who plays cod everyday…Me.

  11. ItzMoggo says:

    Way to goofy dancing zombies WTF the zombies do stupid things stupid setting and place and the Easter eggs suck

  12. I like your videos alia you are my favorite call of duty player

  13. Was this footage delaying for anyone else.

  14. Gacha Wolf says:

    I got all maps to call of duty infinite warfare now

  15. Can I have a shout out to my channel

  16. sour charles says:

    As a zombies mode vet I was dissapointed in some of the functions in BO3. Having played IW take on zombies I feel the series is actually getting the rejuvenation it needed.

  17. that's Ivor from Minecraft story mode

  18. how to get the wondr wepins

  19. Hayden R. says:

    this looks really bad….. hopefully its not love zomzz prefer the old school bo1 n bo2 tho

  20. 1 like= Instant death
    Sub= also instant death

    Its a joke

  21. if it is the classic zombie mie of cod then it is a shame to sell plus! they put such kids?? wtf! where are nikolay, dempsey, richtofen and takeo?!?!? those wsee carachters!

  22. this is a sad attempt at zombies… black ops 2 was the best with them actually beeing creative with tranzit, leap, the dig sight…black ops 3 was a disappointment with "The Giant" being the best map which is a map thats been on the last 3 or 4 zombie games remastered but not new…I'm too the point I will not buy WW2 until I see videos….Infinite Warfare zombies is a joke.

  23. Clark Kent says:

    Is the rapper 50 cent

  24. Cody Baff says:

    guys if you dont defeat the bruce more will come like if you heard in the video

  25. Wadeed Ahmed says:

    is it just me or that coat is looking a little odd

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