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Call Of Duty

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Call of Duty Mobile RELEASE DATE Predictions CODM for ios and Android coming this year. We discuss the release date, whether it will be pay to win, maps, perks, scorestreaks, weapons, and more. People already putting together call of duty mobile clans and tournaments. Haven’t seen this much hype in the mobile shooter community in a looong time. I’m hyped.

20 Replies to “Call of Duty Mobile RELEASE DATE Predictions”

  1. Hopefully its less than 1gb

  2. Xylo Playz says:

    Hopefully we Pc players can get it

  3. Ben Mg says:

    Bring back respawnables!!

  4. alex miranda says:

    I had this already
    Cod online pc

  5. finally, found someone who thinks the same as me that battle royal sucks
    I love call of duty

  6. I dont care what anyone says this will be the number one game like bro this is dope

  7. Bruh just look up cod mobile official announcement and the vice president from Activision is gonna tell you go check out the video guys

  8. PUBG is The Godfather to these other battle royals on mobile

  9. KrazyKoala ' says:

    I wonder if it's gonna have blackout

  10. John Pinoy says:

    What if can log in our psn or xbox account would be nice.

  11. Like a dream come true finnaly i will not longer have to play COD on pc

  12. I am proud to pay, this is about to be so epic. To all you broke people around the world. You have to accept the fact that these developers need to get paid. Stop wanting everything free because you can’t afford it. Once again I am proud to pay and go broke cuz as of right now cell phones are the way of the world. Pc and game systems are slowly passing away!! Proud to pay

  13. Suggestion maybe go back on playing Respawnables 😉

  14. I have never been so excited for a mobile game before lmao

  15. Zsmo0th says:

    It's going to be a freemium game. Probably skins

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