Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 "Roach and Ghost Death"


Call Of Duty

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Sad scene where General Shepherd betrays Task Force 141 and kills you(Roach) and Ghost.

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  2. O Novato says:

    esse cara e um tremendo desgraçado

  3. guys did you guys notice the enemy dab when throwing ghost in 2:05 😀 laughing my ass off

  4. ghost noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo:(

  5. Jared Baker says:

    When I was playing this on my Xbox… as soon as roach went down then Shepherd blasted Ghost in the face like a douche bag… I watched my TV screen in horror!!!!! ( I was crying)

  6. Gail Malik says:

    ghost did not die he just not on fire roach was set on fire and ghost is still alive

  7. i feel something in my neck 🙁 im criyng 🙁

  8. The biggest "Oh shit" moment in gaming.

  9. TAV2511 says:

    What's that I feel? Is it-…. yep I'm crying.

  10. sega64guy says:

    MW4 then takes place in the future and Roach and Ghost get resurrected.

  11. Aldrin says:

    Who else thought at 2:33 that a bullet would come and hit that cigar out of the air? :'(

  12. Khaled Omar says:

    Oh no no no no Ghost no no why u died Shepherd I am goin to hunt someday

    another thing everyone Legend and Powerful must die Stupid CODs

  13. AnaMod says:

    Hash zimmer it the best…

  14. Joshua Odom says:

    Ghost is Alive! What do you Think ghosts is About :o.  Ghost Got Shot in a Useless Organ and He Rolled Over Before He got Burned after that Jerk guy left. and Roach I am Sure he is Dead 

  15. Hey did you know ghost is alive

  16. the sadest moment of my life 🙁

  17. CH en says:

    fucking blood on the screen!

  18. Until he died crap dumb Shepard

  19. When it happened while I was playing the game I was speechless.General Shepherd lied!

  20. andrewrk98 says:

    Yeah I definitely agree! Hopefully Ghosts will be amazing.

  21. Ziad Fahem says:

    Worst Best scene in the history of gaming

  22. makes me cry everytime…

  23. Andrej Romic says:

    I CRYED!

  24. I really loved the way the whole plot changed in this game, stories like this will make COD better !

  25. andrewrk98 says:

    He did it because he was going to kill everyone that knew that he sent Joseph Allen to help with the massacre at Zakhaev International Airport with Makarov. I guess you could say Shepherd didn't want to get in trouble.

  26. wael bennasr says:

    ghost is alive and he will be in call of duty ghost
    just wait to 11.5.2013

  27. Carl B says:

    Ghost is still alive just restart the game :))

  28. val val says:

    I cri evrytim…. :'(
    Lls , one of da saddest moments in my life 4 me… im ah gurl so….im very emotional nd yes…. I cry everytime….

  29. samko105 says:

    @killeroc15 Shut up Ralph

  30. this was my first cod so when I saw this I was flipping off my t.v and was like…why?

  31. Razmatazim says:

    One of the saddest moments in gaming history for me.

  32. I was literally shocked, when Ghost was shot..
    And never really understood why Shepherd did that ?!

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