Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 | PS4 vs ONE vs ONE X vs Pro | Campaign Framerate Test


Call Of Duty

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21 Replies to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 | PS4 vs ONE vs ONE X vs Pro | Campaign Framerate Test”

  1. Kevin Hard says:

    I think more graphics get lower fps, but lower graphics get higher fps

  2. JJGoreX says:

    Que alguien bloquee a 50fps a la PS4 normal xd

  3. M .G.F says:

    I thought normal ps4 would run this on 30 fps

  4. *me seeing these consoles get barely 60fps.
    Laughs in 120fps/1440p/Ultra with ray tracing

  5. jay yt says:

    proof xbox one x is garbage

  6. Tyiler Hanks says:

    I mean these consoles are basically low end gaming pc`s. If you want a real experience get a proper gaming pc

  7. Haaaaaa la PC en 4k nativos calidad ultra y mas de 60 fps, es una maravilla.

  8. oDieseLz says:

    What resolution was each console set to? The One X has a better GPU so it doesn't make sense why it does worse than the PS Pro.

  9. En mi xbox one x va a 60fps y por que ahy va al 50fps

  10. Sagistar says:

    El tearing en X ha sido corregido, harás vídeo?

  11. Optimizaram pra PS4 por isso está melhor que Xbox, mais sabemos que e só nesse game kkkkkkkkk pois Xbox e bem melhor. Xbox wins

  12. DEREXII says:

    why is there so many ps4 fanboys out there, i believe that graphics dont matter. gameplay is what matters. oh so what you have good graphics, whats good about having good graphics? to brag about? to impress yourself idk i dont get it. i just think that graphics are a thing that does matter to an extent but gameplay is what matters the most. i also hate the ego of ps4 players saying their console is the best like who the fuck cares they have pretty much the same graphics as the one x. nobody cares. gameplay matters the most. get a life and stop arguing about whos better.

  13. Tudor Mocanu says:

    Your fucking X droped to 32 FPS and ITS locked on 59 FPS ?

  14. Damaud says:

    Quelqu'un peut m'aider, j'ai acheter le dernier modern warfare mais ma Xbox one premier du nom ne suis pas, comme si les graphisme était trop puissant pour elle je sais pas quoi faire ça le gâche le plaisir de jouer, et c'est absolument pas la connexion, vraiment elle suit pas quand les jeux sont puissants..

  15. what resolution is this at?

  16. Arsgaz Play says:

    Ps4 pro is better for xbox one x. Is imposible

  17. Ian Sullivan says:

    I'm Happy the original Xbox can still run this.

  18. Only regular xbox one with high graphic.

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