Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – PC Max vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison


Call Of Duty

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This video compares the graphics of the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 on PC, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. PC is set to maxiumum graphics including ray tracing. Ray tracing on PC affects the shadows to ensure a more realistic shadowing. All platforms are captured at 2160p resolution, while PS4 Pro doesn’t hit native 2160p and is rather scaled up.

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33 Replies to “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare – PC Max vs. PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One X Graphics Comparison”

  1. Jonatan E says:

    PC and Xbox One X are near identical, PC looks better but X1X is not too far behind.


  2. 1: PC
    2: Xbox one x
    3: PS4 pro

  3. My PS4 slim on my 4K tv with this game looks like total shit, I should've stuck with my instincts and got it for PC from the beginning.

  4. STR8 GAMER96 says:


  5. Mkai28 says:

    Despite Pro having slightly lower textures and resolution, that's the reason why it beats one X in more stable frames.. Xbox one X of course beats it in textures and resolution.. Combined them together and you get PC..

  6. PC is PC but One X is not so better than PS4 PRO !

  7. the aural chic store display looked so photo realistic

  8. Annie Lee says:

    The Xbox One X version has 2X better image over the blurry PS4 Pro 100% of the time. Sony should be ashamed for making the biggest Mistake in the history of gaming, the blurry PS4 Pro.

  9. jesse omollo says:

    What is the name of track playing in the background.

  10. Cuong Ha says:

    red dead redemption 2 pc pls

  11. And yet microsoft takes top 2 spots like any other game. PC and xbox for the win. Sorry ps4 pro. Try harder next time.

  12. The only time there is a difference is when you zoom in? and the lighting is different for all platforms but that’s it.

  13. Mehrab4K says:

    Red Dead Redemption 2 min vs medium vs high vs ultra graphics setting and Pc Vs Playstation 4 vs Xbox one graphic quality please ??

  14. Aj Daniel says:

    yaaaay more zoomed in pointless comparisons

  15. When your trying to compare the differences in games, and where all on our cell phones. Lamo ….. bro Xbox one x has a nicer image then ps4 pro, you must not have your glasses on right. And pc will always win. If your complaining get a pc or keep playing on your console that you mom bought you with tax money.

  16. 分辨率不同。。无可比性

  17. I play on pc and ps4 pro. But damn xbox took the lead against ps4 pro lile a champ..
    1st PC
    2nd Xbox
    3rd PS4

  18. Jeb Broham says:

    PS4 looks blurry to me. Anyone else? I mean we all know that consoles can't beat PC, but the difference between the 3 seems to suggest that the PS4 has lower texture terrain and soft shadows.

  19. ULTRAVIOLET says:

    To me even if they all are exactly the same the 144hz on FPS games is enough to make pc superior to consoles until they support high refresh rate which is (maybe) possible with new gen but a lot of sacrifices will be made

  20. PS4Pro is good,
    XboxOneX is better,
    PC is the best;

  21. comparing with pc, what settings u think ps4 have on graphics? i mean, low, normal , ultra etc.

  22. 1- PC
    2- Xbox one X
    3- Ps4 Pro

  23. PC : alive police
    XBOX1X : death police
    PS4Pro: invisible police

  24. ck kendrick says:

    I cant tell much difference

  25. Koren says:

    1st place: PC
    2nd place: Xbox One X
    3rd place: PS4 Pro

  26. Hugo Lara says:

    3:21 so left pc. xbox middle. and ps4 right? ftw is going on lol

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