Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Realism Mode is Perfect


Call Of Duty

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It’s more than you think. Modern Warfare: Realism Mode Gameplay
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31 Replies to “Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Realism Mode is Perfect”

  1. Hoogle says:

    You sound like Dutch from Red Dead Redemption 2

  2. Shit Post says:

    You have a sexy voice

  3. ShaneyG85 says:

    The problem on hardcore mode which I used to play all the time on the old cod’s is you can’t pick what game mode you want to play like core mode!!

  4. SG-Trashy says:

    I enjoy Realism mode more than the others, I just get more kills ;-;

  5. lemme F says:

    Please do another call of duty modern warfare video

  6. Pedro Mitre says:

    This was the best introduction to squarespace ads i've ever seen

  7. Wish they would decrease movement speed

  8. Basilisk says:

    Ya'll ever hear offffffff… 


  9. Im a straight guy ok but this guy's voice
    I wanna call him daddy

  10. Cream says:

    It's not. Realism should be called "what the fuck I was behind cover"

  11. Really kills the immersion when you have some level 155 sliding, jumping, and crouch shooting you with his pink PP-19. Or some chick can throw a thermite grenade like she’s in the fucking starting rotation for the Astros.

  12. Bodhi Perry says:

    This guys voice is perfect

  13. THE JACKPOT says:

    I’m came to this video just to say you sound like Dutch from rdr2 because it just hit me mid play through.

  14. Izic Windsor says:

    I love realism, if people cant handle it dont play.

  15. should try battlefeild and learn to play a real game with REAL REALISM.. noob

  16. it would be nice if they turned the tables and made realism mode (or the features at least) standard

  17. Im thinking to buy cod modern warfare but really that tag on the head of the characters is unrealistic and too useful! But maybe after your video i will buy but playing only “veteran” / “realistic” mode

  18. Jalen Scott says:

    I love this game, definitely new and fresh, just wish people would stop camping and ruining the game.

  19. ARSEN exe says:

    Yo who else thought he was talking about the campaign realistic mode

  20. You almost sound like the guy from the old history channel show “modern marvels”

  21. Prototype080 says:

    The dude has the coolest voice on YT!

  22. Ass Blaster says:

    The only way to play on campaign is realism

  23. Why do i feel like you’re fixing to tell why reeses are the best candy.

  24. 2Tye says:

    This is literally siege

  25. Bobby Harris says:

    What a great transition into an ad. Well made video. You sir get a like.

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