Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Gameplay 85


Call Of Duty

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So now that crash got a gameplay a few days ago as my last cod mwr gameplay i think ill use this one with the winter version as the next where i played with the mp44 and did okay with it, did technically sorta sit here and there waiting at the spawn points tbh ^_^

So idk if that would take away some of the credit with using this gun and doing alright with it 😛

– Map name: Winter Crash
– Final Score: 32 Kills and 8 Deaths

– Platform i played on: Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro)

21 Replies to “Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered Multiplayer Gameplay 85”

  1. Hey why in call of duty 4 modern warfare no one plays it but call of duty modern warfare remarsterd people play when it's exactly the same game

  2. ICOREYXD says:

    Do you need anyone to run tdm with?

  3. what are pc lobbies like

  4. Rose Flores says:

    Mp44 nice 😎😎

  5. J1111M says:

    Any tips on how to get better? Here's what I run
    Ak-47 with red dot
    Stopping power
    Deep impact
    Special nades x3
    I'm around level 10 so I don't have much

  6. 68-58 Opfor: We will win again it seems.
    Marines: Two loses in a row isn't acceptable from soldiers like you, so try harder.
    72-59 Opfor: Friendly airstrike incoming get covered
    Marines: Get covered before it is too late, ENEMY AIRSTRIKE INCOMING!!!!!!
    75-59 Opfor: Two wins in a row, wow, am I dreaming, or I am in the heaven?????
    Marines: You freakin kidding me, AGAIN????? Redicilous……. just redicilous. Anyway, fall back and stand by, I am sending an evac chopper.

  7. AC556F says:

    which cod was the first that you played?
    i started playing cod from Ghosts

  8. I made a video on Modern Warfare remastered if anyone would check them out I'd really appreciate it! Thanks guys

  9. Vincent M. says:

    Nice bombardment finish! 💣💀💣

  10. kok ly says:

    Great content. I’ve been getting better and been going on streaks. I’ve actually been getting choppers as well. So that felt nice. I was happy to not have my streak abruptly ended for once. I run ak47 most the time or a suppressed m4 depending on the map. I always use stopping power and deep impact. The winter map is full of campers though it sucks.

  11. evan om says:

    I hate this gun, it's the last assault rifle I have to get red tiger on and I just can't xD

  12. Keep posting man! I watch b4 I play K-Strace

  13. DeadShock says:

    I hate this map so much i had too many rages of it XD the original map is better gg

  14. You always do well…do you play in a party or with just randoms? I literally went 28-3 a few nights ago and lost because of the randoms i was with going negative

  15. Will you play Halo MCC on PC?

  16. Cacarot 90 says:

    I hate this map how can u playing this map it's sucks

  17. Extirpo says:

    Beast mode bro! 😎 Neat detail with the ladder to the 3. story building, use it myself for those pesky camper, and it dosnt seem to be that well know. But.. I thought one will have to jump the fence first, and then the ladder – but it didnt seem you were on the fence first?

  18. I suck at this multiplayer

  19. Are you using mouse and keyboard?

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