Call of Duty: Top 10 kills of all time (Best COD Clips Ever) [Part 1]


Call Of Duty

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The Top 10 Best Call of Duty Kills of all time! (Best COD Kills Ever) [Throwing Knife, Tomahawk & Sniper Clips] [Top 10 Bangers]

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48 Replies to “Call of Duty: Top 10 kills of all time (Best COD Clips Ever) [Part 1]”

  1. Svenikip says:

    After 4 years there is finally a Part 2 ?

    Check it out here:

  2. Saikano X says:

    All of these were fucking garbage. Ive done more impressive shit than this by far.

  3. I take you have an enduring fondness of the MW games lol.

  4. the second clip was just…… wtf man why did u go downstairs!?

  5. Elatepie 123 says:

    What about mum get the camra

  6. Ben Carron says:

    And yet most the kills on here werent even good kills

  7. Suryadi Bta says:

    what is the name of the call of duty number 9


  9. RClydeGaming says:

    Check out my montage ??✔

  10. I saw 3 of these that were top kills. The rest should be labeled Luckiest of All Time….

  11. Luke Garner says:

    I once killed the entire team, 6 kills, with a single frag grenade in COD4 but they're were a clan and they were all hiding in the same spot. No one could find them, I snuck up on them when I noticed the bunch of players, cooked the grenade and boom, all dead.

  12. HARZ4 DEZ4 says:

    Absolut normal … across the map is not hard

  13. What is this. Cod mw2 or mw3?

  14. Romain Lanoe says:

    Hi Svenikip 🙂

    I'm working for Gamology (4.4 million fans on Facebook). I found your video and I really like it! 🙂

    I'd like to post it on our pages. But first, I need your approval. I'll also credit your original video in the comments :).

    Have a nice day!


    Romain Lanoë
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  15. A kill is a kill. Get over it

  16. last so fucking funny LOL~

  17. That moment when you get a crossmap throwing knife kill but you have no mic, so you just start spinning & knifing.

  18. FiredGnu says:


  19. Nuclear Taco says:

    My kill is the best but you didn't put it in. It's on my channel

  20. Rohan Tandel says:

    Omg the 2:00 one made me fall of my chair

  21. this one time in Black ops 1 these guys tomahawked each other in S&D in overtime I think… not sure it was so long ago

  22. Agent Rock says:

    OMG, guys, look, he is obviously using aimbot. Look at the people with the weird gamertags, they are modders giving him a menu

  23. J013H says:

    My dads friend is the guy who through the the tomohawk on the plane and killed someone number 8 on top of that my dad had survived a whole game and won that game by not dying and killing everyone with a knife my dads brother was the sniper of the game and my dads friend brother is the Rambo with assualt riflea
    Their team is S/S they are going to the next call of duty tournament on the 23rd

  24. XpcT Metal says:

    #3 I hit something close to that, I direct impacted someone with a tube on cod ghost and it bounced off and hit a guy in the head for a double kill lol

  25. ALF MART says:

    throwing knifes ones are hacks, so Is nothing awesome on that

  26. Do u know how many ppl do crossmaps? pick a better fucking topic jackass

  27. Haydar says:

    mistaking best with luckiest. tryna see some skill

  28. Cordax G says:

    @ 1.39 So fucking typical COD games.
    "Hmm someone is throwing a grenade.. Lets ALL pile together"
    "Something big from the sky is approaching.. lets ALL go check that out"

    Fucking stop holding hands and go your own way.

  29. Dayum that tomahawk just blow up the rc-xd and got 4 players in one shot

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